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A Great Tool for Entrepreneurs

by Elfi Koufogeorgou

If you were raised in an entrepreneurial family, you likely had co-development sessions during your family Sunday lunches where your parents would talk about the challenges they were facing with their businesses and try to find possible solutions, while enjoying their Pasta Bolognese or Roasted Lamb.

On the other hand, if both your parents were, (for example), civil servants and you ARE or WANT to become an entrepreneur and Sunday lunches at home are not actually about your business but when you will, for example, get married and have kids. If this is or was your reality, then you should definitely consider joining an entrepreneurial group because your family is not going to be of much help.

So let’s start with the terminology:

What is a co-development session?

It is a group of people (ideally a maximum of 6 people) who meet to discuss and find solutions to a specific problems. An entrepreneur will present their predicaments during the session and everyone will attempt to solve the issues as a group.

Why does it help?

Creating, running and growing a business is a huge roller coaster that feels like it never ends. So basically you are enjoying the ride and start with a big smile on your face but sometimes during the ride you scream, eyes are closed and you might find that you lose coins from your pocket and possibly your flip flops. In real life, the  roller coasters ends and you are able to exit but in the business environment the proverbial ride never stops. The co-development session will delay the roller coaster but in a way that your next part of the ride will go faster, easier and with much less “loss”.

How does it help?

During the co-development session, every participant will shed light on a different perspective of the problem and will share his/her own experiences (negative or positive) which helps you move forward. You will receive ideas, propositions and information that didn’t occur to you before. The great thing is that you can then do a concrete action plan after the session. Of course, there are certain “rules” that need to be followed: you need to be open to frank, honest discussions. It’s a safe place. Participants should understand that the discussions are confidential and mutually respectful which lays the foundation for a  “win-win” situation. Both sides are benefitting by such sessions.

How do I know this?

Simply because I participated to a series of co-development sessions organized by Nyuko in Luxembourg. During the program, I shared my problems openly and I was happily surprised to see that there were a lot of things that hadn’t occurred to me before. After the meeting, a fire was lit. My feeling was “Ok I need to take action, no more excuses”. They actually help start ups.  Nyuko’s contribution was really great: Not only from an organizational point of view: Fantastic meeting environment, adequate time duration, great healthy lunches, 2 Nyuko moderators experienced in conducting co-development sessions but also from a human perspective: The feeling of not being alone in the entrepreneurial jungle and feeling that my voice is heard, I am being understood and as an added bonus, the participants are actually helping me and I want to help them back.

What I am hoping for?

For many more co-development sessions to be organized by Nyuko. So fellow entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs in Luxembourg, keep your eyes open or somehow “demand” these sessions. They will definitely help you move forward.

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Pascal 30th December 2017 - 11:10 am

Thank you for this nice article. I am also trying to start up a little company so I am thankful for useful articles like this one.


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