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In Praise of Entrepreneurial Women!

by Meredith Moss
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Guess what November 19th was? Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED)! According to Wikipedia it is a day on which the work of women entrepreneurs is observed and discussed, held on the nineteenth of November of each year. I didn’t observe or discuss it and now it has passed. Apparently we were too busy being Entrepreneurial women to notice. We were also running households, helping kids with homework, etc.

You know what else I was doing? Feeling old. I’m 41 and I was feeling old as the hills and like there wasn’t enough time in the day and lamenting on the fact that I have so many other things I want to do but I’m squeezed for time and can’t seem to organise myself out of a paper bag. Then I read this in an FT Weekly I’d picked up and saved to read WHEN I HAVE TIME:

New York Times columnist Gail Collins has just published a new book called No Stopping Us Now, a chronicle of “the adventures of older women in American history”. She quotes 40-year-old Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a founder of the 19th-century American women’s rights movement who had just had her sixth child, writing to her fellow activist Susan B Anthony to assure her,

“You and I have the prospect of a long life. We shall not be in our prime before 50, and after that we shall be good for 20 years at least.” Contrast that attitude — we shall not be in our prime before 50! — with the modern assumption that menopause is a “change of life” to be dreaded, managed and treated.

Shall I point out that she had 6 children to my 2? It’s time to push harder. Find the time, other women have and you can as well. Let’s all encourage each other, no matter your age, if you have children, if you don’t! We all have the same amount of time in the day. We can do this. ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER!

Also- come to celebration of LUX WMN on December 4th! Be sure to sign up so you get a place! It’s going to be fabulous!

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