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After School Activities: Swimming

by City Savvy Luxembourg

Swimming lessons for children are notoriously difficult to find and register for in Luxembourg. We’ve listed the places we know that offer classes for children; hopefully you’ll find the perfect one for your child.

Syrdall-Schwemm Niederanven

This gorgeous pool in Niederanven offers both beginners and advanced swimming lessons for over-6s, as well as baby swim classes for 3 – 24 months age group.

Address: 3, Routscheed, L-6939 Niederanven
Fees: baby swim €125 for 10 x30 minute lessons (inclusive of entry); over-6s €100 for 10 x45 minute lessons (inclusive of entry)
Contact:  register for the course via the website

d’Coque, Kirchberg

d’Coque offers swimming lessons for over- AND under-6s, for advanced and beginners – a godsend to mums of younger water babies. Parents can get in the water with much younger children and there is a swimming certificate available at the end of the course.

Address: 2, rue Léon Hengen L-1745 Luxembourg
from €9,50 a lesson. For full rates, click here.
Contact: 43 60 60 888

Les Thermes, Strassen

Les Thermes offers swimming lessons for children from 3 months to 10 years (with separate classes for each age group) but you need to be quick about booking them as they get filled up quickly. Moreover, they often only let people register from a particular day. Check their website for more details.

Address: C.N.I. Les Thermes, rue des Thermes, L- 8018 Strassen
Fees: Per 10 week term – €60 plus entry fee for 3 year olds and under; €80 plus entry fee for 4 year olds and over
Contact:  27 03 00 27 or email info@lesthermes.net

Little Swim, Howald & Limpertsberg

Little Swim helps children over 4 years gain their swimming certificates in no more than 3 cycles; lessons for advanced swimmers are also available. The tuition is held in small groups of about a dozen learners, mainly in English or French.

Address: Howald Primary School Piscine, 30 Avenue Grand-Duc Jean, L-1842 Howald (entrance is behind the school on the rue d’École); advanced swimming lessons are also available at Lycée technique du Centre pool, 106 av. Pasteur L-2309 Luxembourg
Fees: Check the options here
Contact:  Mrs Caroline Wirtz : mobile 691 649 937; Mrs Michéle Grulms : mobile 621 193 663 or Mrs Carole Feilen : mobile 621 293 466

Plouff Club (Arlon, Belgium)

Plouff (or Splash!) club is unique in that your child will be taught in groups of a maximum size of 3 per instructor. Available for children over 3s, it’s an attractive proposition if you live near the Belgian border; otherwise it can be quite a trek for a 30 minute session.

Address: ITELA, 45 chemin de Weyler, 6700 Arlon or ISMA, 33 rue de Bastogne, 6700 Arlon
Fees: from €62 for a 5-week session. Check the options here
Contact: 00 32 (0) 478 588 740 or email info@ploufclub.eu


With a qualified staff, children learn to swim safely and in a fun way. From 5 years onwards, Pidal offers lessons with qualified staff. Timetable here.

Address: rue des Prés, L-7246 Walferdange
€102 per 10 week session
Contact: 33 91 72 10 or email info@pidal.lu

École natation de Luxembourg: les enfants de Poseidon, City

Les enfants de Poséidon takes its lessons very seriously, with three levels of certificate available: Nemo, Nautilus and Poseidon. Each group corresponds to a year of training – the detailed program is here.

Fees: €400 for the year
Address: 3 pools are used:
– Gare: 20 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg-Gare
– Limpertsberg: 3 rue Batty Weber, L-2716 Luxembourg
– Belair: Campus Geeseknäppchen, boulevard Pierre Dupong, L-1430 Luxembourg
Contact: 22 85 28 or email swimming@pt.lu

Municipal Pools in your area

There are so many pools in Luxembourg and many municipal pools will offer swimming lessons. Why not contact your local via the Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Natation et de Sauvetage?
Have we missed something? Contact us to let us know!


Photo: Brisbane City Council/flickr (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))

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Mike Gordon 3rd October 2016 - 1:10 pm

The first paragraph of this piece acknowledges that it’s far more difficult than it should be in a civilised country to find swimming lessons for one’s children in Luxembourg. But after perusing your list, I see that you missed out an even worse situation: Finding swimming lessons when both parents (or the parent) work at a full-time job. I know that many people in Luxembourg have the luxury of having someone willing to risk their future employability by staying home to look after the kids. But surely you shouldn’t be obliged to do so in order to allow your kids to learn how to swim. Just try to find a course at the weekend! And I appreciate you noting that places for young children tend to go fast at Les Thermes. But you shouldn’t give people false hope. Their sign-up system is ludicrous: all spaces can disappear in as little as 10-15 seconds when the appointed hour arrives. By available evidence, the system appears to be fixed and sold out in advance through some other system. Anyway, the number of places available is ridiculously small for a facility of its size. So yes, thanks for the comprehensive list, but there’s more to this issue than class hours and fees.

City Savvy 4th October 2016 - 8:53 am

Dear Mike Gordon,

Thanks for your reply! You are right; it is soooo hard to find swimming lessons. Our job in this case is to provide a comprehensive list to optimise that slim chance. May we also suggest the Plouf Club at Arlon (I know, it’s far, but they do have lessons on Saturdays and it is reasonably priced!) With Les Thermes, a tip is to give your email for notifications if places become available; this is how I’ve managed to get lessons for my children for two terms (and could have this term, but decided not to). Hope that helps and good luck!

Farrah Gillani


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