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Kids in the City: Playgrounds

by City Savvy Luxembourg

Luxembourg has so many fun and unique playgrounds to explore! Here’s a list of our favorites so you can hit them all this Spring!

City Limits – in the heart of the city

Pick 1- City Centre

This is a tiny playground right in the heart of the city which is really handy if you and your kids need a pause between shopping and sight seeing. Whilst it’s only small it is really quirky and manages to be fun for all ages – older kids (and some parents) can’t seem to resist trying to reach to the top of the climbing pole.

Where: Rue Beaumont, Luxembourg (map)

Pick 2- Pirate Ship Park

I’m sure you’ve already found the pirate ship in the beautiful park just off Avenue Monterey. This is a firm favorite with kids of all ages with the huge shipwreck in the middle which your little ones can climb on, hide in, ring the bell and use their imagination.

This park is themed around water and has wooden hippos, dolphins and tortoises to climb on, plus a fun water feature which is a must on hot sunny days with a little stream and various locks that kids can play with to change the water flow.

For older ones there is a daring climbing frame up a 6 meter tower and a thrilling slide down. Bring your scooters and bikes as you can also zoom around the all the park paths.  In the warmer months (May to October) there is a Pavillion which serves drinks and ice cream, and nice clean bathrooms are also available.

Where: Off Avenue Monterey by Villa Vauban (map)

Pirate ship park/Nicola

Pick 3- Parc Merl

Another gem in the city that is well worth a visit! It has a huge variety of playground equipment to suit all ages, plus paths which are great for bikes and scooters, and a pond with fish and ducks. Swings, a sandpit, seesaws, wobbly things, climbing frames, slides and a zip line.

From July to mid-September there are also free trampolines (even for adults!) – they are supervised and you must wear socks. There is lots of space for picnic blankets and meeting with a group of kids. The Pavillion in the park has delcious ice cream and a nice restaurant with a terrace overlooking the pond where you can grab some lunch. This park is particularly busy at the weekends!

Where: between Avenue du X September and Boulevard Pierre Dupong (map). You can park on the streets around the playground (you must pay to park on weekdays).

City Outskirts – at the edge of the city

Pick 4- Parc Kaltreis, Bonnevoie

This space themed playground is out of this world. Besides the amazing rocket ship, you will It has something for kids of all ages (including the adults). You’ll find chess, an outdoor fitness space, pingpong table, a bowling alley and much more! Definitely give this park a try!

Where:  60 Boulevard Kaltreis, 1881 Luxembourg (map). Plenty of street parking available.

Pick 5- Castle Park, Belair

This playground in Belair is hugely impressive and is fantastic for children. The castle has all sorts of passageways, bridges, ropes, ladders and slides (warning: it’s a tight squeeze for adults to fit through the castle so rescuing stuck little ones can be … challenging!). There is a wobbly carriage, wooden horses, swings, seesaw, a sandpit and dotted around the castle your little ones can try and find the castle mice, chickens, knights, King & Queen, kitchen and even a prison. Lots of fun.

Where: Rue Charlemagne, Belair (map). You can park on the roads around the playground (you must pay to park on weekdays).

Pick 6- Parc Tony Neuman, Limpertsberg

This is a great playground in the lovely suburb of Limpertsberg. The playground itself has the the usual swings, slides, climbing frame and sandpit but it is set in a lovely, shady park. Bring your bikes and scooters as there are plenty of paths to explore – try finding the hidden murky pond or the beautiful flower trail. There are picnic tables by the playground and toilets further in the park.

Where: Avenue de la Faïencerie, Limpertsberg (map). You can park on the roads around the playground (you must pay to park on weekdays).

Pick 7- Strassen Playground

This is a wonderful playground and is fantastic because it has play things for all ages and abilities, plus sandpit and pond. The park is really big and spacious with paths for bike riding or scootering which means your little ones can really burn off some energy! There are even little gazebos to shelter from the rain. The little cottage in the middle of the park is open when the weather is nice and sells beverages and ice cream, plus they have very clean toilets.

Where: between Rue Henri Dunant and Rue des Romains, Strassen (map). You can park on the roads around the park, or at the little on road carpark by the Henri Dunant entrance.

Pick 8- Cessange Playground

You’ve probably noticed that pretty much every Commune in Luxembourg has an amazing playground in it. The one in Cessange is no exception. Great climbing towers, tunnels and all the usual playground paraphernalia. Cessange also has a nice park along the river if you fancy something else.

Where: the playground is just behind 223 Rue de Cessange, Cessange (map). Park can be accessed from roads around it (map).

Pick 9- Howald Playground

This is another great Commune playground. It has plenty of things to climb and slide down. The playground has elevated sections which make it fun for exploring, various textures to experiment with and a small football field. A great and interesting space for all ages.

Where: Just after the Aral petrol station on Avenue Grand-Duc Jean, Howald (map)

Pick 10- Farm Park, Gasperich Playground

This playground is brand new and has been much awaited! It is now open for kids to come and play. It has a similar look to the Castle Park in Belair with its fantastic design – but in this case, it’s themed around a farm. The playground’s central piece is a wonky looking barn complete with huge barn door, bridges, ropes, slides, muddy pig sty, tractor, horse and cart, cows and more. There is plenty to keep your little ones busy in this well thought out playground complete with sandpit and swings. Even if your little one is barely walking and can’t climb well there is so much to look at and explore.

Where: You can park on the roads around the playground (you must pay to park on weekdays). Look at the end of rue d’allemont, at the end of rue jean pierre koltz or rue abbe francois lascombes (map).

Pick 11- Airport Park, Cents Playground

This is the latest playground to hit Luxembourg and it has the same look as the Castle Park in Belair and the Farm Park in Gasperich (above). This time the theme is …. the airport. It’s a fab playground and definitely one to take your little ones to. It looks like an airport complete with check in, baggage trolleys, airplanes, departures, arrivals and is lots of fun. There is also a sandpit for those that like to dig. An added bonus is that the airplanes that have taken off from the nearby (real) airport fly over the playground – watch out for the huge Cargolux planes! A thrilling sight for your teenies.

Where: you can park on the roads around the playground (you must pay to park on weekdays). The playground is on Op der Heed (map) which is a residential cul-de-sac so parking is limited.

Photo: Janine Notter
Photo: Tina Thornburg Pace

Further Afield

Pick 12- Mondorf Le Bain

There are 2 playgrounds in Mondorf Le Bain that we love to visit.

The first one is right in front of the Chalet am Brill Restaurant where you will find a cute little park with seesaws, swings, slide and plenty of climbing. Not lots for older children, but it’s a great location with parking, toilets, somewhere to grab a coffee, light lunch or just an ice cream. In the summer the restaurant has lovely outside dining so you might even be lucky enough to grab a quiet coffee and still be able to see your children happily playing. This park is also great for scooters or bikes.

Where: Avenue Marie-Adelaide, Mondorf-les-Bains (map)

The second playground is just around the corner from the first and in the gorgeous grounds of the Mondorf le Bain spa. At the end of the park there is a mini playground with a tyre, swings and a small sandpit. The playground in itself isn’t ground breaking – its very small, but the location in the botanical gardens is exquisite and there is a mini-maze which is always fun! Don’t forget to bring the scooters as there are lots of paths to explore with mini bridges going over some very old trees and lots of space to explore and get rid of energy.

Where: Park in the (free) Mondorf Domain Thermal spa car park (map) and walk through the grounds heading towards the Aviation Museum.

Pick 13- Mersch

This playground in Mersch is great for all ages. You’ll find a lake with a platform where you can feed the ducks and the fish, a viewing tower, and there is a separate fenced off area for toddlers and small children with a small toddler slide, swing and all the usual. In fact they have just extended the toddler and young children area too to include a wooden tower. There is also plenty to keep your older kids amused with balance logs, tyre swings, football pitch with goals and swings. There is a porter cabin toilet at the playground but watch out, it’s one of those which intermittently automatically washes the floor! There is also an open air cafe next to the lake which is open during the summer months. For those without a car this playground is less than a 10 minute walk from the bus and train stations in Mersch.

Where: Rue Duchesse Charlotte and rue Jean Majerus, Mersch (map). Park in the car park next to the tennis courts, walk along the path next to the river and cross over the bridge to the park.

Pick 15- Grevenmacher

This playground is in a picturesque sunny spot, right on the river. There is shade under the trees plus a couple of picnic benches so pack some food and make a day of it. There is a (free) car park right by the playground. This playground is great for a mix of ages as it has little houses, swings for the under 3s, aswell as for the older ones, and larger climbing frames.  If your kids start getting bored with the playground there is a nice promenade along the river which is great for scooters, bikes and duck feeding.  The nearest toilets are in the swimming pool or further down at the Butterfly Garden. Both are happy to let you use their facilities – especially if you buy an ice cream!

Where: Kurzacht, L-6740 Grevenmacher (map)

Pick 16- Parc Bambesch

Parc Bambesch is hugely popular with kids and I challenge anyone to not fall in love with this playground. My kids literally leap from the car as soon as I open the doors. There is normally plenty of parking by the playround. Parc Bambesch is massive with a great range for all ages; sandpits, little  wooden houses, pretend castles, roundabouts, huge slides for the older ones, zip line, things that balance and wobble and all sorts of interesting playground equipment made out of wood to blend in with the surrounding forest. There are plenty of sunny spots to catch some rays, plus lots of shady spots for picnics including proper picnic benches. There are toilets by the tennis club, with a cafe round the corner to grab a drink. As the playground is located in the forest you can extend their day of adventure to a nature walk in the forest

Where: Bambesch forest, near Rollingergrund. Probably easiest to look for tennis club first: Centre
Sportif Luxembourg-Bambësch  B.P. 801 – L-2018 Luxembourg (map)

Pick 17- Echternach

You’ve probably hit the tourist trail and been to Echternach town centre, but you may have missed the gorgeous lake and surrounds just outside of Echternach. If you walk along by the lake (bring bread for the ducks) for about 400 metres you’ll find a great playground with lots of shady spots for a picnic or relaxing while you watch the kids. It’s a fair size and has a good range of the usual playground equipment, so will keep all entertained. There is a toilet right by the playground so there is no need to walk back to the Youth Hostel. The Youth Hostel does reasonable meals, ice creams and drinks. In the summer there is a large trampoline for the kids (you do have to pay).

Where:  Chemin vers Rodenhof, L-6487 Echternach (map). You can park by the Youth Hostel for free and then just walk round to the playground.

Pick 18- Rodange

This playground is great fun for all those who love to enter the world of the imagination. As soon as you enter this playground you will be greeted by friendly wooden witches and dragons, as well as the usual playground paraphernalia.

Where: Rue de la Gendarmerie, Rodange (map)

Pick 19- Rumelange (“L’ Aventure de la Mine”)

The adventure playground is right next to the mining museum and, as you can already guess, it’s designed in the style of the former iron ore mining. The place is fenced so you can airily watch your children play. A great idea to combine with a trip to the National Mining Museum, which is always a hit with the kids!

For more playground exploring click this link which maps out playgrounds in Luxembourg and beyond. It also can be used as an app! Happy playing!

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