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Movies to Catch Over theHoliday Break

by Sarah Clinger

If you, your family or friends are looking to see a movie over the holiday season, you’re in luck! A lot of movies make their debut during the holiday season, when families and friends travel from afar to be together again. Here’s a list of upcoming movies for the holiday break.

Spider-Man No Way Home

If you love superheroes, and are familiar with the Marvel universe, the movie Spider-Man No Way Home should be at the top of your viewing list. In this movie, Spider-Man is unmasked and finds it hard to separate his personal life from his superhero duties. In an attempt to remedy the situation at hand, Spider-Man asks another Avenger, Doctor Strange, for help. This action packed movie can be seen starting December 15, at either Kinepolis Belval or Kinepolis Kirchberg. If you’re worried about the language of the movie, both theaters offer screenings in English, German, and French. 

The Matrix Resurrections 

Making its debut on December 22, The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth installment in the Matrix film series, and it is the perfect movie for all of our Sci-Fi lover’s. In this movie, you can see Neo, or as some call him, Thomas A. Anderson, struggle with strange glimpses. After being prescribed pills to help, he reopens his mind to the world of the Matrix, where he joins a group to fight a new enemy. You can view this movie in English, French, or German at both Kinepolis Belval or Kinepolis Kirchberg.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

If you are familiar with children’s books, you might have heard of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Making a debut on December 15, this adventure comedy movie is perfect for children and families looking to get out of the house this holiday break. The movie itself is about a young girl whose love for her puppy makes him grow to a monstrous size. You can follow Clifford’s adventures at one of the Kinepolis theaters, click here to stay updated on movie times and versions! 


If you love animals, you should check out the French film called Mystère starting December 15. This heartwarming film follows the adventure of Victoria, an 8-year-old girl, and a “puppy” named Mystère. Further, in the movie, Victoria’s father comes to the realization that the “puppy” is actually a wolf. Victoria’s father, Stéphane, has a hard decision to make, should he separate Victoria and the wolf, or let them stay together? To stay updated on movie times, versions, and theaters, click here.

The Card Counter

To all of our thriller fans, you can see the movie The Card Counter starting December 29 at the Kinepolis theaters.  This American revenge thriller film follows the story of an ex-military interrogator who ends up deep in the gambling world, haunted by his former job. If you are interested in seeing this movie, more information about times, theaters, and versions will be available soon with this link

The 355

If you love empowering women and thriller movies, this American film called The 355 should be at the top of your list. The movie tells the story of a CIA agent who teams up with three other women working for different international agencies, they join forces to stop a mercenary with a top-secret weapon. The 355 will make its debut in theaters on January 5 of 2022, you can find more information about the movie soon by following this link

Let us know what upcoming films you’re dying to see!

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