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Music and podcasts for your days in quarantine

by Kendall Swanson

Feeling anxious or stressed about being in your house all the time? Try listening some of these podcasts or music!


Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton-
10 minute episodes designed to help you meditate and get rid of anxiety
Found on Apple Podcasts

Anxious in Austin- Dr. Marianne Stout and Dr. Thomas Smityman
This podcast is led by psychologists  Dr. Marianne Stout and Dr. Thomas Smityman. They talk about anxiety disorders, OCD, and how to cope with these using different strategies.
Found on Apple Podcasts

The Happiness Lab- Pushkin Industries
Follow Dr. Laurie Santos on her show about how to find happiness through psychological research.
Found on Apple Podcasts

Need some help now that the kids are home all the time? These podcasts can help you super parents!

Motherkind Podcast with Zoe Blansky
These episodes help mothers with every aspect of parenting! This could help during the times when the kids are at home.
Found on Apple Podcasts

SuperMamas- Paulina and Bricia Lopez
This podcast is run by two new moms! Follow their stories on parenthood and relate to other new moms.
Found on Apple Podcasts

Want to stay informed on the news without turning on the TV? Here are some global podcasts for everything newsworthy

New York Times- The Daily
Run by the New York Times Newspaper, many journalists are interviewed and the most recent events are discussed.
Found on Apple Podcasts

Coronavirus Global Update- BBC World Service
Stay up to date with the news surrounding the coronavirus and its effects around the world
Found on Apple Podcasts

UpFirst- NPR
Wake up with the top 3 news stories of the day!
Found on Apple Podcasts

Here are some podcasts to help you spark your curiosity! Find a new talent, learn a new language, or become an expert on a new topic.

Stuff You Should Know- iheartradio
Episodes are about a variety of topics and stories- pick which ones you want to learn more about!
Found on Apple Podcasts

Cooking by Ear- Studio To Be
Cook and listen at the same time to create new recipes!
Found on Apple Podcasts

But Why? A Podcast for Curious Kids- Vermont Public Radio
This podcast is led by kids for kids! It answers and discusses many topics of interest so have your kids follow along to learn more!
Found on Apple Podcasts

Coffee Break- Radio Lingua Network
Want to learn a new language? Find different languages to learn such as Spanish, French or Italian.
Found on Apple Podcasts


Get your free 7 day trial of famous Broadway Hits! Showings are ad free and you can stream on multiple devices.
Grab your family and start watching here.

Wigmore Hall- London
This concert hall in London is putting up performances, classes and talks with guest speakers on their website for streaming!
Click here for more information!

Vienna State Opera
The Vienna State Opera is streaming recordings globally of different performances.
Click here to find a performance to watch and here for a schedule and how to access.

Instagram and Facebook Live
Check different artists’ accounts on Instagram and Facebook! Many are doing small concerts or instrumental lessons for their fans.

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