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TravelmatKanner’s Weekend Tips (January 16th-17th)

by Elfi Koufogeorgou

It seems that this weekend we will have snow and low temperatures so here are some tips for enjoying the chilly winters as a family. Of course, these activities are suggested in addition to the usual fun activities like sledding, building a snowman or freezing bubbles!

Tip One: Take a stroll by a river or lake

Depending on the temperatures you and your children may have the chance to see how the water freezes. You can discuss how life continues under the water. Even more interesting is searching out some frozen waterfalls. Our top suggestions in Luxembourg include the Esch sur Sure lakes or the Kalktuffquelle which can be found at Mullerthal Trail 3 and apparently looks beautiful when it freezes. 

It seems that at the moment, Saarland and Rheinfalz still remain accessible for visits of less than 24hrs so you can also visit the Irrel Waterfalls

Tip Two: Create Ice Art

Freeze water using ice cube trays and silicone baking moulds to create ice sculptures and ice art. We recently tried this activity, and the kids loved it! We put water with a bit of food coloring and left the trays and moulds outside. It takes some time to freeze, but if you want to do it faster you can always pop them in the freezer. Kids can get really creative and you can play with them as well!

Tip Three: Snowy Photoshoot

Take the camera and take photos of the kids and the family in the snow and in Luxembourg’s gorgeous winter scenery. We love to take photos near the castles in Luxembourg as they make a great background. We highly recommend Vianden Castle and Bourscheid Castle. Click here for some good tips for taking photos in the snow!

Tip Four: Use Pool Rafts/Floats for Sledding

This is such a fun idea! Instead of using the traditional sleds you can use pool rafts for sledding.

CREDIT: Mike Krepick

Enjoy and make many winter memories!

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