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Our Top Picks for Using Your Travel Voucher

by City Savvy Luxembourg

By now the majority of us have received our 50 EUR voucher to spend as a tourist in our own country, but most people we talk to have no idea where to use it. We’ve got the details on how to get the most out of your voucher, and where you should be redeeming it.

What is it? & When can I use it?

The tourism voucher is a 50 EUR credit given out in order to boost the tourism industry. It can be used in paying for one or more nights spent in accommodation establishments in Luxembourg. The voucher can only be redeemed at participating locations, and it can only be used one time.

Each voucher is dedicated to one specific person, meaning it cannot be gifted to another person and it also cannot be replaced if lost or destroyed. It can be used anytime within the dates of July 15th and December 31st of 2020. If your stay comes to a total of less than 50 EUR, the remaining price will not be carried over for later use.

Redeeming with friends
One cool tip when using your voucher is that you can combine it with other people’s to pay for one or more than one night. So, this means that you and three of your friends could share a room at the spa for the night, and your stay will be heavily discounted.

How to use it
When booking your stay at one of the many participating businesses, you must announce the use of the voucher to that host. Then, when you are paying for your stay, you simply hand it over. There are two QR codes found on the voucher that verify its authenticity, and devalue it after use.

Where should you stay?

There are endless great options, but we’ve chosen some of our favorite spots to redeem your voucher anytime before December 31st.

Mondorf Parc Hotel

Head over to Mondorf Domain Thermal for a spa weekend. The saunas and thermal baths will be sure to reset your spirits, and bring you an overwhelming sense of calm. You can also take advantage of their selection of spa treatments to enhance your stay. Get a massage, a manicure or a full body wrap. The ambiance of the hotel will transport you to a sanctuary of the mind and body.

Château d’Urspelt

This restored château will be sure to bring you serenity in this time of great uncertainty. It brings together the comfort and accommodation of a 4-star hotel, and the history and charm of Luxembourg. Spend a romantic weekend with the one you love, or spend a night of luxury in the Grand Ducal Suite. Any room in the castle will be sure provide a night of enchantment.

Camping Fuussekaul

For the camping lovers, this is a large 5 star campground.  Located in Heiderscheid in the heart of the natural park of the Upper Sauer, this campground seems to have a regular clientele and is well known among campers in the Benelux.  There are many features for families and children, such as the tractor rides and the massive yet inescapable indoor playground. You will also find bathrooms designed for children, many outdoor playgrounds, a bowling alley, fitness centre and more. You can choose different accommodations that vary from mobile homes to chalets. Of course you can also pitch your own tent.

Escher Bamhaiser Tree Houses

Perched high up in the treetops Escher Bamhaiser guesthouses are tucked away in the heart of Esch’s animal park. This is a great option for families, as the houses accommodate 4-6 people. Nature lovers will love spending a night in this magical location. This is an option that will definitely please the kiddos!

Chalets Petry- Spa and Relax

Chalets Petry is a great place to escape in your own country. They have everything from their own pond to a bicycle chalet to a spa and wellness centre. The surroundings are gorgeous and each of the six chalets are situated in the middle of nature with a magnificent view over the Ourtal and the wooded heights around it. This is the place where you are completely undisturbed and can enjoy nature. As a bonus, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast after your relaxing night in nature!

Hotel Bel-Air

This lovely hotel and spa is located in Echternach in the heart of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. The grounds of the hotel are beautiful, the staff is friendly and the restaurant serves delicious cuisine (if you’re lucky enough to dine on a sunny day, the terrace is gorgeous). You can spend the day hiking and finish by relaxing in the pool or spa! The perfect spot to recharge and refresh!

You are officially ready to get out and explore what Luxembourg has to offer. The travel voucher provides the perfect opportunity for the ultimate stay-cation. Happy travels!

Click here to see the full list of participating hotels and campsites in Luxembourg.

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