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The Value of Music & Human Kindness – Fondation EME’s Musek Schenken

by Gracie Limauro

Sick of hearing bad news? After a year of difficulty for everyone, Fondation EME (created by the Luxembourg Philharmonie), wants to bring a little goodness back into the world. For years the EME has strived to bring music to places where it isn’t normally found. The revival of their project Musek Schenken launches a call to families asking if they know any elderly, isolated, and/or sick people that would benefit from a small, personalized virtual concert. Fondation EME hopes to bring joy into the hearts of these people through music recorded by professional musicians.

The gift of music is more valuable than we think, especially to those isolated and/or sick in these hard times. Go out of your way to nominate a person today! To prepare for this musical surprise, all you have to do is contact the Fondation EME and explain why your loved one would benefit from the musical concert ( you even get to suggest their favorite songs!) The Fondation EME will record the requested songs with professional musicians and add a personalized message for the beneficiary.

How to contact the Fondation EME:

  1. Send them an email contact@fondation-eme.lu and explain why your elderly, sick, or isolated family member benefits from a personalized virtual concert.
  2. Send them 2-3 of their favorite songs and a personal message (which the professional musicians will record)
  3. You will receive the recording of 1-2 songs and the message mid-December. Now the best part: send them this special surprise and watch as it is sure to warm their heart.

For more information visit here.

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