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8 Ways to Have Fun with Snow this Weekend

by Elfi Koufogeorgou

There is currently snow in Luxembourg (mostly at the north of the country) and the temperatures are going low this weekend so why not try some of these snow-friendly activities to please the whole family?

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1. Build a snowman

This is the first thing that comes to our mind when we see snow, and it’s such a fun activity. Why don’t you try to jazz it up and build the snowman upside down or build a couple of snowmen that will represent members of your family? You can give the snowman a characteristic of each member; something that mum loves to wear for example 🙂 

2. Paint with food coloring on the snow 

Who says that you need paper and pencils to color? Run outside and have fun with the snow! Kids will get creative and it’s really easy to prepare and do this activity. The Spruce provides all the details for fun snow painting. When you finish, don’t forget to take photos of your children’s creations!

3. Freeze bubbles 

My kids love to blow some bubbles. When it’s freezing it’s even more magical because we can see how water is transformed into beautiful crystals. Popular Science will provide you with all the explanations and instructions on how to make perfect frozen bubbles.

4. Create snow lanterns 

This is a fun activity that we have tried and relatively easy to make. Create snow lanterns and use them as an amazing garden decoration that will remain illuminated during the night. Everybody will enjoy watching them glow. CountryLiving provides great tips on how to make Swedish snow lanterns.

5. Make snow cakes

Use cookie cutters to make cute shapes made of snow or get a snowball maker (can be found on Amazon) – we got a heart-shaped one and my kids loved it! Then we had fun and hung some of the hearts on the trees.

6. Practice writing in the snow 

Writing can be a fun and educational activity for children. It is so much more exciting than just an exercise book. Similar to what we can do in the sand, can be done in the snow. Be creative with material and find some wooden sticks to write on the snow or make some nice designs.

7. Ice sculptures

Making ice sculptures with balloons is definitely a beautiful activity for the whole family. It is a very easy and creative way of decorating your garden or a park. Instructables shows you this process in step-by-step. Let us know if you have tried it!

8. Create a DIY ice skating ring

Last but not least if you love to do some handy work there are plenty of ideas to create a DIY ice skating ring. And it is not that difficult as you may think so! There are plenty of online resources on how to make this by yourself; The Spruce offers a great and easy example of how you can go ice skating in your own backyard in just 3 days.

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