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A Covid Valentine’s- 5 ways to Celebrate this Year

by Brynn Pierce

Covid presents a lot of issues for the typical Valentine’s Day plans. To keep the spirit alive, we have 5 different options of things couples can do to make this Valentine’s Day special.

Pick 1- A Change of Scenery

Let’s face it we’ve all been at home watching Netflix for weeks on end. A Covid-friendly weekend away or even a day trip can be a good way to spend time with your significant other. In Esch there is an animal park where you can rent a romantic treetop cabin and spend the weekend in nature enjoying each other’s company. Or take a day trip to Luxembourg’s beautiful Little Switzerland in the Mullerthal Region to hike, shop or visit museums.

Pick 2- Takeout Dinner for 2

While your typical dinner out may not be an option this year, many restaurants are providing a way for you to have the same experience in the comfort of your own home. House17 has created a menu with a 3 course meal and dessert for 50 Euros a person. If you want to go all out, Ma Langue Sourit has put together a Valentine’s box for 100 Euros a person which includes the perfect meal. Choose from their selection of wine and even flowers to make your night even more special.

Pick 3- Head to the Movies

Many of us have not been able to see a movie in a theater for a long time. However, just in time for Valentine’s Day cinemas have opened! Theaters have restrictions in place to keep everyone safe while enjoying a movie date again. Have your favorite takeout before or add in a box of chocolates and your night will be complete!

Pick 4- Virtual Yoga Class

This Valentine’s Day, House of Yoga Luxembourg is hosting an online “It’s all about the LOVE” yoga workshop. Whether you are single and need some self love or want to join as a couple, this class is the perfect way to relax on Valentine’s Day. The class will explore the theme of love and include partner and single poses.

Pick 5- Make a Romantic Meal

If you would like to actually make your own meal instead of ordering in and pretending you did, prepare a meal for your significant other or cook together to create a special date night! There are so many great recipes out there, Anne’s Kitchen is great source of local inspiration!

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