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Changing Gears: Ditch the Car, Ride a Bike

by David Thomas

Kick-start your work week and break the four wheel habit

So the holidays are over, and it’s back to work. Not a happy thought – September actually means the sun still makes an appearance and the weather is rather perfect. How to maintain the happy holiday sensation of fresh air and freedom, whilst being stuck in those endless queues of traffic, impatiently trying to get yourself chained to the desk?

Well here’s a thought – why not ride to work instead?

It’s fun, it works away the stress, keeps you fit and most importantly of all – due the current state of Luxembourg’s traffic; its fast. You can get from A to B much quicker than you might think by bike (usually quicker than by car – really). What’s more there is always a spot to park when you get there so the parking issue is no more. Cycling is also much safer than you may think, not least because you can cut through parks and use routes closed off to cars. It’s beautiful. On top of all this it’s even congestion-proof! Once you have a regular route the journey time never changes; well, maybe it gets little quicker in the first weeks as your fitness improves! 

New cycle paths are being added to the city all the time.

And as for the route, finding new by-ways and cut-
throughs is half the fun!  To start off, why not use a resource like Cycle Travel to help plan a route, then do it on a Sunday – you’ll be able to time yourself and prepare to do it ‘for real’. It’ll be quicker than you think plus you’ll have fun discovering a new route, and seeing this wonderful city in a new light.

Remember – commuting isn’t a bike race, there’s no need to rush. It’s quick even when you take it easy and arrive at work fresh and sweat-free – try it!

You don’t even need a bike!

Use the Vel’oh and don’t worry about locks or anything, just use the nearest the docking station and forget about it. (it’s just 15 euro a year! – or test it out with a weekly ticket for just 1€ – sign up in minutes at any docking station)

Also- it isn’t imperative you live in the city. Use the trains and ride to work once you arrive you can take your bike on all trains for free or just grab a Vel’oh at the station. You might just be surprised how cheap train season tickets are in Luxembourg.

So come on! Lux is a beautiful city, and it’s a great size for cycling. As an added benefit, you’ll save time and money and even enjoy yourself. I imagine ‘pleasure’ and ‘fitness’ don’t currently feature into your normal commute so there is no time like the present!

See you on the road soon and come back and post your experiences below.

If you need more advice, or help with route planning or anything try emailing or tweeting them over at Cycle Luxembourg.

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