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Group Therapy: Get Mentally Healthy

by City Savvy Luxembourg

Let’s face it: Living in Luxembourg can be lonely. It can be especially lonely when it feels as if everyone has left the country for the summer.

Even though August means traffic-free roads, many of us still have difficulty coping with daily tasks even when the sun is shining. Group therapy is fantastic due to its affordability and effectiveness. If you want to address your personal issues that perhaps stifle you at work or are putting a strain on your relationships, then this specific group therapy could be the answer. Perhaps you are looking for a new perspective and want to break old patterns?  This summer is the time to make change for the better.

This group will be focused on tackling anxiety, burnout, panic attacks and depression.

Esmée Chengapen will facilitate a series of eight weekly meetings beginning on Wednesday 25 July through 12 September 2018 starting at 6pm. Part of each meeting will be devoted to the discussion of psychotherapeutic concepts.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Location: Kirchberg

Cost: €20 (€15 if you are a university student or currently unemployed)

Commitment: a minimum of 6 meetings

Maximum number of participants: 6

Groups offer the recognition of shared experiences and removes the sense of isolation. It validates experiences and helps the self-esteem if you are struggling to have a voice during a difficult time. In the Luxembourgish context and/or at work, we often have to show a solid façade even if we are crumbling inside. 

Being part of a support group will help articulate these repressed feelings into words and release emotional tension. Groups give you hope.

There will be a confidentiality agreement in place so that what happens in the group stays in the group as trust among members is key.

Please email Esmée on esmee.chengapen@gmail.com for more information about this therapy group.

About the facilitator: Esmée is a qualified therapeutic counsellor and also has a corporate job.  Her interest in psychotherapy led her to start a master programme in transactional analysis psychotherapy in London and she is now in her fifth and final year of her studies.  


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