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Assistance with daily life: HomeHelp

by City Savvy Luxembourg
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Have you been living here for a few years, but still struggling to find a pet-sitter, babysitter, handyman, or a tutor?

Or- have you just arrived in Luxembourg and have no clue where to find domestic help on your own, without taking advantage of the support of an agency? Maybe you’re looking for a job doing one of these things, but you don’t know where to post your ad to reach the widest audience possible? How many times have you been writing a post on Facebook to find somebody without receiving a satisfactory response?

There is a solution to all these problems – the www.homehelp.lu website.

HomeHelp’s mission is to create a place where users from Luxembourg and cross-border regions may find domestic help or post their ads in order to inform others that they are looking for a job. There are six categories of ads available on the website: childcare, cleaning services, pet-sitting, tutoring and education courses, job offers, and other home tasks. Thanks to a multi-criteria search, finding a person meeting all your requirements is effortless. The possibility of searching by city, experience, language, or additional information (like driving license) increases the likelihood of finding somebody who’s a  good fit.

Some options, such as last minute babysitting, taking care of sick children, or shared care can be highly useful for parents.

Thanks to a distance slider, there is a possibility of finding people not only from your city, but also – those living within several kilometers from your place of residence. Individuals looking for a support in learning a new language can find profiles of people offering tutoring in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Ukrainian through the site.

The aim of HomeHelp is, aside from granting the users the possibility of browsing profiles, promoting users who posted their ads and giving them an opportunity of finding a new job as soon as possible. Not only full time but also part-time jobs are available, which can be very useful especially for students looking for an additional job.

HomeHelp’s fanpage on Facebook is updated on regular basis and you can find information about new ads there. The website is available in two language versions – English and French. Moreover, it is free of charge for the users. Contact details of people offering their services are visible to everyone, even to unregistered users. Therefore, contacting a person whose profile you are interested in has never been easier. Registered users can manage their ads and modify them in user’s panel available on the website. 

If you would like to know more, check out the www.homehelp.lu website and make your life a little bit easier!

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