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We are thrilled to announce that after a rather arduous journey, LUX WMN is finally here!

LUX WMN is more than just a magazine. It aims to create a community which shares perspectives about empowerment. The topics are exciting and helpful, but also provide entertainment and inspiration while discussing the bigger issues faced as women. Whether your view is from the top of the corporate world as a heavy hitter who is smashing it or from a place of confusion where you aren’t sure where to begin, this is your magazine.

In this inaugural issue you’ll get tips from Carole Miltgen, the CEO of Kirchberg-based Prisma, hear about Polina Montano’s journey to success as Co-Founder of Job Today and join in on the celebration for the 100th anniversary of Luxembourg’s midwives. You’ll also find articles for your mind, body and soul.

In this issue we try boxing, journey to Dublin, Singapore and Indonesia and get a glimpse into the world of Australian Aboriginal contemporary art. You’ll also be inspired by the stories of women entrepreneurs and our favourite podcasts, books and music. There’s something for everyone, because we are all LUX WMN.

No matter where you find yourself on your journey, the common thread that runs through LUX WMN is that we are all interested in evolving, questioning, laughing and sharing. Our ethos is that we know that we’re stronger together.

Magazines can be purchased at the following bookstores:

  • Ernster (Ville, Belle Etoile, City Concorde, Cloche D’Or, and of course their all English bookstore).

And if you’d like it delivered directly to your mailbox, while wearing pyjamas, the magazine can be purchased and mailed all over the world via our online store. You can also buy an annual events membership and pick up one of our awesome totes as well.

Also- if your company or employer might like to order a box, please contact us directly.

Did we mention our LAUNCH PARTY?! We are finalising details but we can tell you that you must mark your calendar for the evening of Wednesday, December 4th! Watch this space!

Follow us on social media and become part of our community! And use our hashtag #iamluxwmn

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