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Luxembourgish Mother’s Day: June 8th, 2019

by Liz Wenger
Mother's Day 2018

If you forgot Mother’s Day in March (Brits), or in May (pretty much the rest of the world), don’t worry, there is still time- you haven’t missed the Luxembourgish Mother’s Day! Officially it is on Saturday, but celebrated on the second Sunday in June. Wondering where Mother’s Day comes from in the first place and how to celebrate it in Luxembourg? Read on.

Even though festivities to honour motherhood date back to Ancient Greece, the first modern-day Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1908 in the US, when a woman named Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother who had passed away a few years earlier. Anna Jarvis wanted to honour her mother for her work caring for wounded soldiers in the Civil War. The holiday was not supposed to be commercialised, a simple hand-written letter expressing love was to be sufficient to show gratitude. This, of course, didn’t last long as companies like Hallmark started selling Mother’s Day cards in the 1920s.

In Luxembourg, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of June, which falls on June 9th in 2019. Children offer gifts to their mother, which usually are gifts they have made themselves in school. Adults, too, give presents to their mother: flowers, chocolates, or a dinner. In my experience, husbands also either give flowers to their wives or they surprise them with a homemade breakfast or a nice meal at a restaurant.

In any case, if you are planning on celebrating Mother’s Day, you can drop by the Mother’s Day Concert at Place d’Armes (Mammendag Concert op der Plëss) on June 8, from 11:30am-12:30pm.

And you can practise your Luxembourgish on your Mother’s Day card:

Alles Guddes fir Mammendag. All the best for Mother’s Day.

Don’t forget to make those crepes (Paangecher) in the morning for the best surprise:

You need:200 gr flour2 tbsp sugarsalt3 eggs500 ml milk8 tsp butter for the pan Dir braucht:200 Gramm Miel2 Iessläffel ZockerSalz3 Eeër500 Milliliter Mëllech8 Téiläffel Botter fir d’Pan
Instructions:Combine the flour, sugar and salt in a bowl. Uleedung:DMiel mam Zocker a Salz an enger Schossel vermëschen.
Slowly add the eggs and milk and combine with an electric mixer. Lues a lues d’Eeër an d’Mëllech dobäi ginn a mat engem elektresche Mixer verréieren.
Let the dough sit for 30 minutes. Loosst den Deeg 30 Minutte stoen.
Make the crepes! D’Paangecher maachen!


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