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Luxembourg’s October Tradition- Trauliichter (2021)

by City Savvy Luxembourg

Luxembourg has its own version of Halloween and it comes with a hearty side of superstition and old fashioned traditions. 


This tradition has its origin in the olden days, when the village boys brought back the cows from the fields into the shed. They used the ‘Trauliichter’ on their way home not only to show them the way but also to frighten girls. A lantern was put both on the left and the right of the entrance to the shed doors, and if the cows entered between both lanterns then they would be free of any sickness. It also served to chase away all those ghosts having gathered during the summer months.

Long before Irish emigrants headed for the United States around 1830, taking along their original popular All Saints’ Day traditions, people from the local Ardennes regions were placing ‘Trauliichter’ in streets, windows and cemeteries as it was a common belief in those days that on the night of the 31st of October the souls of the dead would come back. Everywhere people offered sweets to calm the dead. In recent years Halloween has also become more widely celebrated in Europe.

If you want to take part in Luxembourg’s version of Halloween and experience the beautiful setting of the Luxembourgish Ardennes, then a trip to Munshausen/Clervaux is a must in October.  As is an event at the nature centre in the gorgeous Robbesscheier.  Children will carve their own lanterns (the beets are frighteningly carved), a lantern procession, songs and stories will be organized.

This year, activities take place from October 23th-November 5th! You can find more information here

1, Frummeschgaass 
L-9766 Munshausen 
Tel .: +352 92 17 45-1 
Email: info@touristcenter.lu

Some text originally written by Marie Claire O’Sullivan.

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