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Pets in the City: Support

by City Savvy Luxembourg
Pets in the City

You’ve moved to Luxembourg with your pet, or have decided to add to your family with a furry friend… now what? Here is City Savvy’s guide to Luxembourg pet etiquette, where to find a veterinarian, what to do with your pet when you go on holiday and how to groom or train that bouncy puppy.

What to do in an Emergency

You can call 112 in an emergency to find the name and address of duty veternarians. You can find a list of emergency and on duty veterinarians here.

Finding a Veterinarian

Most vets speak excellent English in Luxembourg. Whilst the best is always a personal recommendation, sometimes this isn’t possible so for a complete list of veterinarians please click here. If you’re looking for a vet to visit you at home, we highly recommend using  vetathome.lu

Pet Etiquette

When you take your dog out for a walk you should clean up its poop yourself. Bags for dog poop are available from around 250 distribution points in the city. They are also available at Tourist Offices, the Bierger Centre and recycling centres. In addition, there are designated dog pooping areas within the city that are regularly cleaned.

Dogs should be kept on a leash in built up areas, public carparks, public transport and sports grounds.

Dog Walking

A professional pet care service that offers a helping hand for your four-legged friends.
Contact form

PACo Pet Care
A professional pet care company that offers dog walking, dog sitting/boarding and daycare. You can book your appointments online.
Contact: +352 26 20 25 54

Experienced and professional pick up and dog walking service.
Contact: tel: 621 491 400 or email

Walkies Walkies
A professional pet care service operating in Luxembourg. They offer year-round dog walking, pet sitting and in-home dog boarding.
Contact: info@walkieswalkies.com

A site that connects dog lovers with dog owners for dog walking, pet sitting and more. You can search for available dog walkers and book directly through the site.

Animal Nanny
Tamara, Luxembourg’s Animal Nanny, offers dog walking and pet sitting for your beloved pooch.
Contact: +352 691 884 408 or animalnannylux@gmail.com

Dog Grooming

Posh Paws

If you can find someone who loves dogs more than Naomi, we will eat your dog leash. As a professional dog breeder, and a mother and brother who both work with dogs, she comes from a long line of those besotted with our four legged friends. She also shows her own regal purebreds at the world’s greatest dog show, Crufts.

Posh Paws is the newest dog groomer on the scene in Luxembourg so you’d better get in now while you can because as people find out that she is both flexible with her opening times and also washes your fur baby with the most gorgeous products that smell out of this world, getting a coveted appointment for Spot is going to get a whole lot more difficult. Now, thanks to Posh Paws, your pooch can roll around in mud to his heart’s content because Naomi will wave her magic wand, send you home with a clean dog and your family/ car/ furniture will thank you.

Address: 1 route d’Echternach, Dommeldange
Contact: +352 621 223 864

Hundesalon DogStyle

This lovely little pet salon is located in Tetange (close to Dudelange, Bettembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette). The staff is excellent at what they do and extremely friendly. They have excellent prices and also a cute range of doggie accessories. At Christmas they even prepare prezzie for your dog. We can’t recommend this place enough!

Address9 Rue Des Légionnaires, 3780 Tétange
Contact: tel: +352 621 437 808

Moien Mupp

This adorable pet grooming shop is located close to Park Merl and the International School. There is a parking in front to make drop-off  and pick-up super easy. There are various levels of grooming available.

Address: 30, Rue Raymond Poincaré, L-2342 – LUXEMBOURG MERL (Luxembourg)
Contact: tel: +352 26 97 62 35

Dog Training

Among many other pet services Zare-Schlass offers dog training school. You can choose from individual or group courses.
Address: 33, rue de Steinfort L-8388 Koerich
Contact: +352 39 87 96 or info@zare-schlass.lu

Need to train your dog? Kynos is a dog and owner training school that can help you communicate better with your dog – so that both dog and owner speak the same language.
Address: 22 rue des Romains, L-5433 Niederdonven
Contact: tel: 76 04 97 or info@hundeschule.lu

Animal Physiotherapy

Fit Dog
Nathalie Janssen offers hydrotherapy on an underwater treadmill, massage, stretching and exercises, electrical stimulation and ultrasound, and kinesiology taping for your dog.
Contact: Info@fitdog.lu


Every pet owner knows how difficult it is to find a place to leave their little friends during holidays. Here is a list of some more places you can give your pets their own little holiday (many of the dog walkers listed above also provide pet sitting services).

Cat Hotel 
A cat hotel with safe outdoor enclosure.
Address: 116 rue Principale, L-5753 Schuttrange
Contact: tel: 22 95 53 or email

Doggy Palace
A five-star dog hotel with unique doggy pampering (the hotel also accomodates cats).
Address: 400 route de Luxembourg, B-6700 Arlon, Belgium
Contact: tel: +3263383811

Hunde Pension – Kugel
New building with 20 spacious indoor kennels which have direct passage to the outside area. Your dog also has several opportunities to let off steam in the approx. 500sq outdoor speace.
Address: Wasserbilliger Strasse 43d, 54294 Trier / Zewen
Contact: (+49) (0)171-3322569 or KugelH@aol.com

Jéronimo’s House
This place provides dog and cat sitting with inside and outside facilities.
Address: 2 rue des Pres, L-8531 Ell
Contact: tel: 23 62 18 49

Dogs, cats, horses, birds and small animals.
Address: 60 rue de Bonnevoie, L-5950 Itzig
Contact: tel: 26 36 08 01 or email

A dog hotel with the option of training lessons.
Address: 33 rue de Steinfort, L-8388 Koerich
Contact: tel: 36 87 96

Missed your favourite pooch pampering salon, dog walker or cattery? Please let us know so we can update our list.

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