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Prepare your holidays and travel safely with the ACL

by Cedric Haas
Summer Holidays with ACL

To fully enjoy the summer holidays it is necessary to organize the trip at the right time.

No matter if you plan a journey by car or plane, there are always many things to think about before departure. Is my car suitable for a long trip? Is my travel insurance still valid?

The ACL helps its members organise their trips for a more relaxed holiday, and opens its doors exceptionally on Saturday 21st of July between 9am and 12.30pm, to help prepare for the summer vacation.

One of the biggest associations in Luxembourg with about 180,000 members, the ACL supports the trip preparation of its members:

Travel-insurance at special conditions

Electronic payment system for the highways in France and Spain (Bip & Go)

Rent a car abroad at low prices

International driving licence

Personalized itinerary for the trip

Accessories like the signposting triangles

“The team of ACL experts is at your disposal to help you travel with peace of mind”, assures the ACL.

The ACL membership is strictly personal and not related to any vehicle. Even those who travel by another means of transport than their car, such as airplane, bus or coach, or even with a rental car, members of the ACL are always covered by the member card “Europe”. “If you travel, for example, with your family, and if your car breaks down during the trip, all the people who travel with you are covered by the insurance, including the stay during the car repair period in the foreign country”, says Robert Moro, responsible for the customer support service. The ACL also gives you a rental vehicle so that you can continue your vacation during your car’s repair period and recover your car on the way back. The same advantages apply in the event of the car being stolen.

The ACL also provides insurances that offer medical assistance during the trip (including hospitalisation) and that can be activated for a limited period of time, as well as insurance that includes the loss or theft of baggage.


The ACL provides some advice to drivers and motorists to travel safely. Before leaving, you should check the condition of your vehicle at the ACL Diagnostic Center by simply making an appointment at +352 450045-6007. The Diagnostic Center tests are available to everyone, with advantageous prices for ACL members.

The ‘Holiday Test’ at 39 € is specially designed to detect small deficiencies or technical problems that could cause problems on the road throughout the trip and ruin the holidays. This test is widely used, not just before the holidays, but also if you want to buy a used car, or before selling a vehicle. The tests performed by the experts allow to “know the exact state in which a vehicle is found”, explains Frank Maas, responsible for the ACL Diagnostic Center. Each test includes a neutral report, which can then be presented to the buyer or seller, or to any garage to carry out the really necessary repairs.


If your vehicle is not in the best condition to continue travelling, the ACL also provides the Clubmobil service, which allows you to rent a car in Luxembourg, at advantageous prices. ACL Clubmobil offers vehicles of different categories, for all needs, in a flexible and cost effective way. A very easy-to-use service, with well equipped, air-conditioned vehicles in perfect condition.

There are several advantages to renting a car from ACL Clubmobil, including the possibility of leaving your own car parked in the ACL’s parking, GPS equipment and a second driver included, without additional costs. ( All vehicles can circulate within the European Union, have 24/7 travel assistance, civil liability insurance and insurance against all risks in case of material damage, theft, fire and glass breakage.

‘It is possible to rent a vehicle in more than 120 countries around the world, with unlimited mileage, fully comprehensive insurance with refund of the excess in the event of a vehicle theft, a damage to the glass, roof, tyres, underbody, sump & clutch; or towing costs in the event of an accident. Customary third-party insurance and liability insurance supplement amount to at least EUR 7.5 million. For vehicle renting within Luxembourg, various accessories, such as child seats, snow currents and roof racks are available’, explains Danielle Wies, Clubmobil’s service manager. )

The ACL Clubmobil fleet includes also electric cars, vans for 7/9 people and vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility. The rental period is flexible, with a discount of up to 20% for members. Reservations are easy via www.clubmobil.lu

As a member of the ACL, in case of a problem, no matter whether you are in Luxembourg or abroad in Europe, just contact our multilingual 24/7 hotline +352 26 000 to talk to a support operator, who will send a team to help solve the problem. You can also use the ACL App on your mobile device: it facilitates quick help in case of emergency because it allows to associate the member’s personal data to the exact location thanks to geo-localisation. Hence assistance can reach you more quickly and efficiently.

Henceforth, the ACL also provides around-the-clock support in case of a breakdown in the household. Following a malfunction, a failure or a defect, the right craftsperson is sent in order to solve the problem as fast as possible. The add-on option “ACL Assistance Home”, with its special 24/7 hotline +352 25 36 36 -600, is exclusively reserved for ACL-members and amounts to 30 €/calendar year.

The advantages are: Help guaranteed 24/7, a simple call suffices (counselling in 8 languages), ACL-checked quality of the liaised craftspeople and partial reimbursement of the costs.

More information at www.acl.lu / +352 45 00 45 -1  

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