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Restaurants that open on Sundays

by City Savvy Luxembourg
Open on Sunday

For many of us, Saturday is a workday- even though it is summer! It means running around town and doing the things we didn’t get done in the past week….because #work. We need to be armed with a list because places don’t boast that they are open on Sunday- but they should! Keep this list with you!

Red Beef Grand Cafe

Right in the city centre- have we mentioned that this place is OPEN ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! Jet lagged friends in town? Head into the city on Sunday at any point and fill their bellies. 

Louis Diners

This is an absolute favourite even though it’s surroundings are a bit ‘different.’  Located in a field in Grevenmacher. There is parking. This is a carnivore’s dream. The Thursday specials features Tennessee Fried chicken and pulled pork. Open every day 3pm to 9pm except Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Brasserie Guillaume

An obvious staple that is one of our go-to places whenever anyone comes into town due to its relaxed atmosphere, bustling vibe and because it’s rather a staple.  Let’s face it- a big reason why we continue to darken it’s door is: location, location, and who doesn’t love a bit of homard?


If you find yourself near the Rotondes, Buvette offers a Sunday brunch from 11am to 3pm. On offer there is a hot and cold buffet with pastries, meats, cheese, salad, fruit, cereal, eggs, etc. The kids can run off their food while you can sip a tasty cocktail. 


You won’t need to dance the Batucada to be admitted into this Brazilian joint but you won’t mind the food they provide. Think the best of grilled meats, fish and typical bossa nova and samba inspired dishes. 

Bouneweger Stuff

This is the closest you get to your local boozer in Luxembourg- but also one that has lovely staff, lovely beers on tap and some rather tasty food. Bonus: It’s open until 1am on a Sunday. On a SUNDAY? WHAT KIND OF CRAZY ARE YOU TALKING?! Yep. You heard. 

Mr. Wok

This is the closest anything-you-want-prepared buffet this side of Vegas. There is an entire bar of raw seafood, beef and veg that you can creatively put together and then hand over to the masters to whip into something gorgeous.  Every family member will be pleased whether they like traditional Chinese dishes, like to spice things up to fit their own cravings, or prefer their mixed wok served with chicken nuggets- they got it all.


The great thing about this place is that if the weather is decent, you can have a lovely stroll around the Grund and reward yourself with a reasonably priced meal on the terrace after you’ve walked up an appetite. If you like food from the Alsatian region- especially Flammekuchen-  then this is an excellent choice as they are both German portion sized and delish!

With starters between 4 and 10 Euro, flammekuchen for around 10 Euro and meat mains around 15 Euro, you can eat without breaking the bank. Reservation recommended.

Bella Napoli

This place is always lively, often loud (feeling less like Luxembourg in a good way) and has truly delicious food. This is the only place to get a real calzone like they make in Naples. Also great for families; the server normally takes the kids to pick out some free ice cream after the meal!

La Torre

La Torre is located in Limpertsberg and has a typical Italian atmosphere so rather popular with both singles and families.  It conveniently located right across the street from a fantastic park. This means the kids can play and you can alternate with your friends who gets to be the token adult to hang with them. We’ve heard the parma ham pizza is the best in Lux.

Restaurant Tibet

Indian restaurants in town generally open their doors on Sundays- and for this we are grateful. Restaurant Tibet, located in Limpertsberg takes us to another world and also makes our list for not feeling a whole lot like Luxembourg on a Sunday.


Only open two hours on a Sunday, this is a Bangladeshi restaurant that will blow your socks off. The family run restaurant has some of the most gorgeously authentic dishes to be found in Luxembourg. We would go every day of the week if our wasteline allowed. 

Taverne Yamas

What’s not to love about a noisy Greek restaurant in Bonnevoie?  The service isn’t fussy, the dishes are large and you are sure to feel you are in a taverna even if it’s pissing down Lux-style. This is one of our favourites for getting a crowd together for a good natter and you are sure to leave with a full belly. 

Le Zai

Best Peking Duck this side of Beijing. You need to let them know a few hours in advance as they have to prepare the full duck. They wheel it out and cut it up right in front of your table. If you can’t eat it all, they prepare the second part with rice if you’d like to take it away.


Located in Beggen, Sapori feels refined. It offers lovely Italian cuisine prepared with seasonal ingredients. The wine list is enough of a reason to celebrate but the minimal decor helps with a peaceful Sunday lunch. Good way to calmly approach the week. 


Let’s face it- Clausen is not known for being quiet normally so we hope you’ve been able to get a disco nap somewhere in between Saturday night and Sunday lunch as Ikki’s doors are very much open for a lovely Sunday. This is a great place to ease into Sunday with a drink on the ground floor and thenin move to the trendy restaurant. The menu includes both traditional international dishes and a great sushi choice. 


More we Recommend! Again- keep this list:

Hitch– Think less hooking up with randoms- more delicious burgers, pizzas, pastas and salad
Le Bistrot– Naturally this one is open as it is a hotel. An added benefit is that the atmosphere is that of a real Parisian brasserie which offers traditional French, Luxembourgish and Italian cuisine. If the weather is nice be sure to take advantage of the beautiful terrace as you are basically sitting in the park. 
Taj Mahal – Another one we love when you need to get your tandoori on. Fresh Indian food with some lovely managers. 
Brasserie Le Pless – Another hotel favourite. Not cheap but worth putting on your Sunday best for this sweet restaurant in the Hôtel Le Place d’Armes
La Veranda – After 25 years, this lovely French Italian knows what they are doing and conveniently located in Howald.
Brasserie Côté Cour – Who doesn’t love a fairy-tale meal at the Chateau de Bourglinster?
Pavillon Desom –  Worth the drive to Remich with fine wines and a select menu with a not-too-shabby view of the river
Ambrosia – What’s not to love about this Greek restaurant?
L’Osteria – Situated right next to the ole favourite, Brasserie Guillame, this also has fabulous fish dishes on the city square.

Did we not list your favourite place to dine on Sunday? Share the love! Don’t make us cook at home. Let us know in the comments below! Please. Oh. Please! 

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