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Singing Seniors- Gospel & Friends

by City Savvy Luxembourg

What separates Gospel from other forms of music is that the listener cannot help but get personally involved—often participating by singing, clapping hands, and tapping feet. The uplifting music is radiated from the singers to the audience.

What could POSSIBLY be more heartwarming than 120 senior citizens on a stage (aged 68 to 98), sharing good vibes and singing gospel music?!

For many of the people in this elderly choir, this performance has meant they are speaking/singing English for the first time. They have taken English classes and spent the past year and a half prepping.

As an older person, losing loved ones becomes a part of daily life. It is easy to feel lonely and isolated in the later chapters. Rehearsing for this performance creates a social connection and combats depression, not to mention the added benefit of keeping Alzheimers at bay by learning a new language!

Since 2016, Robert Bodja, a collaborator of SERVIOR and musical leader at the EME Foundation, travels the four corners of Luxembourg (Luxembourg City, Howald, Niederkorn, Wiltz, Diekirch, Echternach) to build and support various local Gospel choirs. The singers all live at CIPA (integrated center for the elderly) and care homes owned by the SERVIOR group.

After a year of rehearsals jointly directed by Robert Bodja and local officials, the singers are preparing to go on stage to sing about their love for life. They will be accompanied by a group of musicians and singers who volunteer their time and energy. Hands will be clapped and toes will be tapped!

Financial support has been made through the Foundation of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and ArcelorMittal.

Philharmonie Luxembourg
Grand Auditorium
1, place de l’Europe, L-1499 Luxembourg

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
6 pm  to 7:15 pm

For Tickets:

About Fondation EME

Founded in 2009, the EME Foundation’s main goal is to bring music to those who for many reasons can’t have access to it.  Highly motivated musicians and volunteers bring music to people who would normally be deprived of the joy that a live concert produces. The direct encounter with music is a basic need. Every measure taken to make cultural life accessible to a wider audience is a contribution to social justice. With 460 events in 2016, the EME Foundation has reached 13 600 elderly, sick, isolated or disable people. The Foundation EME is not supported by the State. Projects are exclusively funded by donations.



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