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Summer’s Over! What To Do With The Baby?!

by City Savvy Luxembourg

Take your tiniest caterpillar to Little Gym for special time while your butterflies are busy at school! If your baby hasn’t yet experienced an inspiring class at Little Gym, then there is no better time than September!

“Bugs” classes are FREE so mothers and their babies (aged 4 to 9 months) can experience the magic of the Little Gym programme and attend up to 4 classes.
This can provide a great opportunity for exclusive quality time with your baby, helping him/her to grow physically as well as in confidence. The classes take place at their location in Bertrange in a warm and positive environment, with professional instructors.

Also when you are feeling totally cut off from the world with this tiny person who you might feel has taken you hostage 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, the classes can be a great way to get OUT OF THE HOUSE and meet other mums!

Next week is the start of our new school year,  (Hallelujah)  and of course, parents who want to discover the Little Gym programme are also welcome to book a free trial class for their kids aged 4 months to 12 years!

Try out a ‘Bug’ class with your tiniest ladybug or a ‘big kid’ class, either way, we know you will feel Little Gym is the bees knees!

For more information, call or stop by Little Gym.
Little Gym
5 Rue Pletzer, 8080 Bertrange
phone: 26 45 99 13.
Little Gym

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