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The Philharmonie is Back!

by Lucy Greaney

The Philharmonie had to close its doors back on March 12th, but last night Bartleby Delicate took the stage to begin its virtual comeback.

Streaming live performances

The Philharmonie is now streaming live concerts as of Friday May 8 thanks to the local artists and OPL musicians participating. Performances can be streamed on the Philharmonie Facebook page, as well as their website. They will be complying with all sanitary measures that are being enforced. This will include: straying away from group performances and sticking to solo musicians and small chamber music groups. 

Alena Baeva
Photo by Vladimir Shirokov

The Philharmonie is excited to bring back together its community of music lovers and musicians throughout Luxembourg. Bartleby Delicate was one of the first concerts to be cancelled after being scheduled for March 18. Performing along with them was Georges Goerens, who found the cancellation to be challenging for a few reasons.

“Playing without audiences is something I can hardly imagine, because my music is for people, but I have to go beyond my way of seeing things and I am delighted to be able to launch this series. It will be different, of course, but it will be a success!”

Goerens said.

More Concerts are to come!

In the coming weeks, there will be many other concerts featuring many OPL musicians who have agreed to play in small groups. Some of the chosen include:

  • Jean Müller (piano)
  • Trio with Ryoko Yano (violin), Anik Schwall (cello) and Zala Kravos (piano)
  • Kreisler Quartet with Haoxing Liang, Silja Geirhardsdottir (violin), Jean-Marc Apap (viola) and Niall Brown (cello)
  • Greg Lamy and Lionel Loueke (guitar)
  • Duet with Alena Baeva (violin) and Vadym Kholodenko (piano)
  • Trio with Reis Demuth Wiltgen

Other innovations in the works

The Philharmonie also plans to continue offering digital content across social platforms. Yoga teacher Tulsi and Pianist Cathy Krier will be doing sessions of “Yoga at Home”, replacing the “Yoga at the Phil” series. A number of OPL musicians also took the time to record videos for the public entitled “OPL at Home”. For their young audience, the Philharmonie is finalizing an offer for a project, in which the emblematic Loopino will participate.

For more information about the Philharmonie and its efforts to keep the music alive for all, check out their website or Facebook page.

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