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Tune Alert: Sounds for March

by Bartek Brzezinski

It took a while but 2017 has finally spawned some original new music which is just too good not to be excited about. In this month’s Tune Alert, we are looking at three songs from Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and (yes, finally!) Sheryl Crow.


Ed Sheeran “Eraser”

“Welcome to the new show. I guess you know I’ve been away”, states Ed Sheeran in the track which opens his latest album “÷”, a.k.a. “Divide”. Instead of singing, we can hear him rapping. Instead of a simple acoustic guitar arrangement, we are getting a full-blown production with a modern-sounding beat and shivers-inducing strings. What follows is a mix of future pop hits and thrilling ballads that we love so much. In other words, Ed Sheeran at his best.

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Coldplay “Hypnotised”

After a brief adventure with dance music, Coldplay are back to melancholic moods and dreamy soundscapes. “Hypnotised” is a song which will appear on the band’s upcoming EP entitled “Kaleidoscope”, set to be released in June. Beautifully atmospheric, it takes you on an almost six-minute-long journey, full of echoes and slightly psychedelic vibes which, for some reason, remind me of Pink Floyd. A very pleasant listen.

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Sheryl Crow “Halfway There”

It only takes a few seconds of Sheryl Crow’s latest single, “Halfway There”, to realise something has changed. The country sound is gone and Sheryl is back to her 90s instrumentation and, yes, back to her politically-infused lyrics as well. I welcome this return with a thrill and cannot wait to listen to the full album, “Be Myself”, due out in April. Don’t miss the animated video to the song either. It features silhouettes of many political and religious figures from Donald Trump to Queen Elizabeth. Who is going to shake whose hand first, is the question of the hour.

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Featured photo: Sai Kiran Anagani/unsplash

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Meredith Moss 8th March 2017 - 9:45 am

Ohhhh Bartek! I had no idea Sheryl was back and am grateful you brought her to my attention. Just listened and am so happy she’s gone back to her roots! These three songs are setting the tone for my week. You are spot on with these and perfectly lift me up. Love. Love. Love.


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