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Pets in the City: Where to get a pet in Luxembourg

by City Savvy Luxembourg
Where to get a pet

An animal can be a wonderful addition to any household, and helps make your house in Luxembourg feel like a home. So if the boxes are unpacked and you’re ready to get a pet, City Savvy is here with all you need to know…

Before you get your paws on a pet…

Do try to make sure you have clear answers to the following questions:

  • Can I afford to both purchase and care for this pet? How long can I expect it to live? Is pet insurance worth it?
  • What does it eat? What other needs does it have?
  • If it’s something unusual (e.g. reptile) do I know a vet who can offer appropriate care?
  • What will I do when I go on holiday? Or have to leave the country?
  • How big does it get? How much space does it need?
  • Will it get on with any other pets and family members?

It is a sad fact that animal shelters are full of animals that people discovered they were better able to care for in theory than in practice, often through no fault of their own. By being thoughtful, informed, and realistic we can all work together to make sure our animal friends have the best possible lives.

Rescue Animals: don’t shop, adopt!

As English-speaking veterinarian of Cabinet Vetcare, Olivia Schoenfeld, says,

It is always better to change the life of a shelter or foster pet who is in dire need of a loving home rather than getting a young pet from a breeder. These animals are often already house-trained and ask for nothing more than to be part of a caring family.

Expect to pay for the animal, as shelters need to cover their costs. Transparency about this varies, and it is good to get a clear answer early on in the process to avoid an unpleasant surprise. There are a number of shelters in Luxembourg, and others just over the borders. Click on the links below.

In Luxembourg

The Déierenasyl is based in Gasperich. They have both dogs and cats available for adoption. You can also volunteer to walk the dogs to keep them socialised

There is another not-for-profit dog and cat shelter in Dudelange. You can adopt an animal, and they will also help owners find lost pets by advertising. Their website has lots of useful information (e.g. on-call vets) and excellent transparency in relation to process and cost. 

SOS Animaux welcomes cats at their shelter in Limpertsberg. This is another small not-for-profit run by volunteers (they are happy to get some extra help, or donations of money or in kind). The website shows which cats are available for adoption: 

Amiavy supports shelters abroad and organises adoptions of abandoned or abused animals in Luxembourg, as well as facilitating the adoption of former laboratory animals, including beagles. They are probably your best bet for rabbit and other small animal adoptions. Available animals are generally listed on their Facebook site or through the Wort.

Give us a Voice Luxembourg is a small organisation of volunteers that works with other organisations to home abandoned animals. Available animals are shown on the website.

Helleff fir 4 Patten (‘Help for 4 Paws’) is a small volunteer organisation that has cats and dogs and occasionally other animals available for adoption. They appreciate donations of money or in kind. 

Pets Angels is an organisation run by volunteers that helps house abandoned and abused dogs from Spain in Luxembourg. They likewise appreciate donations of money or in kind. 

In France:

The SPA in Thionville has dogs and cats available for adoption all the time, and occasionally houses other animals (filed under ‘Autre’). The location, opening hours, formalities, and costs of adoption are all on the website. 

In Belgium:

The SRPA in Arlon is a smaller shelter that houses cats, dogs, and occasionally other animals. They also help reconnect lost animals with their owners. 

In Germany:

The Tierheim in Trier offers a comprehensive service that includes not only adoption of many kinds of animals, but holiday care and a pet cemetery. 

 If despite all those options you still want or need to buy, here’s where to go:

Shops for small animals (rodents, fish, amphibians, birds etc):

There are a number of shops that sell small animals in Luxembourg. Pre-history of the animals, care in the shop, and the level of expertise of the employees varies, so do make sure you are well-informed before you go about what questions to ask for your specific animal, and what you should be looking for in terms of health. Please note that not all these shops have all types of animals; the selection at the Cactus Hobbi in Howald is now very small, for example.

Questions you’ll need to ask include:

  • Who is your supplier / breeder?
  • Where are they based (i.e. did the animals have to travel a long way)?
  • What testing do the animals go through to check their health before they arrive in this shop? What vet care do they get while they are here?

Fressnapf in various locations in Luxembourg. 

Josy Welter in Belle Etoile

Terraqua in Cactus Hobbi in Howald

Garden Center in Gasperich

Hausdeier– a premium online Petshop in Luxembourg, they deliver all over Luxembourg for free. (Did we mention free delivery??)

Purebred Dogs

If a former laboratory beagle is not to your liking, the best thing to do is Google local breeders, and be sure to include France, Germany and Belgium in your search. If there is a ‘hobby club’ in Luxembourg it is likely to list recommended breeders on its website. A list of breeders in Luxembourg can be found here:  but it is up to you to determine the quality of the breeding work. You should avoid getting your dog from a so-called ‘puppy mill’ or puppy farm. They may be somewhat cheaper, but the cost is borne by the animals, in both their genetic make-up and their welfare.

There are laws in Luxembourg about dog ownership, with additional requirements for those who own breeds officially listed as dangerous. There is more information here:  and your vet will also be able to guide you.

Purebred Cats

You can find information about Purebred cats through the Lux-Cat-Club asbl.
Tel: 371 569

City Savvy wishes you and your pets a long and happy life together!

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As from my state it is advised to get the pet’s from the rescue homes as they are certified and trusted suppliers and as it is a types of social service i can say that to adopt the homeless pet’s and gives them better life but you need to know how to deal with the pet’s before bringing them to homes.

Sérgio Gomes 2nd April 2021 - 12:01 pm

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