Festrogren Takes Luxembourg by Laughter

If you missed opening night of "Festrogen" comedy festival, you can still grab tickets for Sunday's performance!
07 May 2022

Written by Alix Rassel

The first “Festrogen” officially started in Luxembourg on Friday 6th June with 3 extremely talented female comedians taking to the stage at La Croque Bedaine in Limpertsberg.

The title of the show was “50 ways to leave your employer” and comedians Jess Bauldry and Sharon VS, a former HR Officer, shared their hilarious experiences of everything from interviews and working in Luxembourg to making the coffee that little bit nuttier. The audience, who were probably mostly in banking, laughed at Jess’ jokes regarding Luxembourg and its huge salaries whilst Sharon shared her own suggestions for testing applicant’s suitability for a job. 

Not only did Estonian comedian Mari Volar welcome everyone at the door, but she also opened the show with her shared experience of living in an equally tiny country as Luxembourg and feeling quite at home here….except for the money of course!

It was an excellent show and the audience enjoyed the laughs as well as the ambience of the cosy ‘club’ in the cellar at Croque Bedaine. Festrogen continues through the weekend with stage workshops for inspiring comedians on Saturday and then two more Comedy Evenings. The Second night at Croque Bedaine is sold out, but there are tickets still for Sunday’s performance at Theatre le 10.

For more information on Festrogen and the workshops visit http://clitcomedyclub.com/festrogen/