Fête de la Musique 2023

From June 16th to 21st enjoy over 250 FREE concerts over the 6 days! This year's Fete de La Musique is not one to be missed - check out the full programme!
10 June 2023

Photo: Ville de Luxembourg

Written by Kylie Mullis

The 22nd annual Fête de la Musique will take place from June 16 to 21, 2023 across the country, and this edition promises to be even more danceable than the previous ones! With more than 200 gigs in 6 days, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the biggest free musical event in the country.

From North, South, East, and West, there are 24 organizers across Luxembourg who are offering programs in the Fête de la Musique. These programs include concerts by professional and amateur musicians, budding artists, young talents, and more. These events follow the philosophy of the Fête de la Musique: to enjoy good music in a great atmosphere.

Among the newcomers to the 2023 festival is Bourscheid Castle and its 100% jazz evening, Bascharage Harmony and its marching bands, big bands and local ensembles, the Harmony of Bonnevoie, the municipality of Remich with music from blues to jazz, as well as Mirador bars and Vantage Who will provide jam sessions from Luxembourg and elsewhere! Other organizers are also making a comeback this year: the Casino – Luxembourg with an experimental gig and the Aalt Stadhaus in Differdange who will offer music in bars and cafes across the town!

Within this abundant program, the Fête de la Musique remains the most unique opportunity to listen to good music, to be together, to discover new musical horizons and unusual scenes, and to reclaim public spaces while celebrating for 6, free days! Below you will find more specific information about each of the locations and what they are offering!

The Cities:

Dudelange – celebrating its 30th anniversary!

June 17th

  • 12 concerts on the open air stages and in bars/cafes.
  • Nearly 50 free concerts for both young and old.
  • A program consisting of local, national and international artists of all genres: Ptolomea, Pleasing, Culture the Kid, Tuys, K’s Choice, and Stephan Eicher.
  • Musical rally for children and an after party in 4 different cafes.
    • The prelude of the Friends of the Organ is on June 16th.

Luxembourg City:


  • On June 16th at the CFL funicular station from 8am: Hunnegg-Ströpp

In the City

  • June 16th at Place d’Armes, Place du Puits-Rouge, Place Joseph Thorn, and in the Grand Rue
  • 16 Concerts: brass bands, electro, hip hop, rap, techno, folk, jazz, world music

UGDA music day – Place d’Armes

  • June 18th at Kiosk, Place d’Armes
  • 11 concerts: choirs, fanfares, and orchestras from all over the country
    • Examples: The Chorale des Jeunes de Rodange, Concordia Niederanven, Waler Musek, l’Harmonie des Mineurs or even the musical society of Wincrange

Luxembourg City and its Cafes:

De Gudde Wëllen – Place Auguste Engel:

  • David Numwami, Ladaniva, Jackie Moontan


  • Lou Tennant & The Nightcallers, Fred Barreto Group, The Ferocious Few


  • Dan Szyller, Freddie & The Fabs, Riots on Mars


  • Inoyson, Piotr Damasiewicz, Shylodelic

Rock Solid:

  • Let’s sacrifice Toby, Crying Souls, The Velvet, Atomic Rocket Seeders, Ptolomea, Scian

Mesa Verde – Holy Ghost Stage:

  • NAFT, Trianay Luca, Boy from Home, Scian, Foreigners, The X, Them Lights, Le Vibe
  • Women’s performances on June 18th: AEM, Sarah Alhinho, Ptolemea, DJ Aura

Fanfare Municipal Luxembourg – June 17th and 18th:

  • A unique anniversary: 125 years!
  • A rich and varied program: Big Band of Military Music, Drop & Dowidder, Prince Henry’s Band, De Labbel Session, Big Band Spectrum, and many more

Echternach – Trifolion

June 21st

  • Over 18 different concerts on 8 stages
  • Classical gigs (organs, trumpets, harps, flutes, oboe…) but also rock, blues, and jazz
  • Gigs at the Basilica, in the streets, in the place of Market, but also in the houses of retreats and hospices
  • Notable performers: Classes of music, ENKI Quartet, Lata Gouveia Band, and dream catcher

Ettelbruck- CAPE

June 16th and 17th

  • 3 Outdoor Stages: Street concerts, live sets on the Place Guillaume stage (Jugendbühn), the Place Marie Adélaïde stage, and at CAPE
  • Local groups, both professional and amateur: Latin Blend, The Ferocious Few, LTEtt-Band, choirs of the Conservatoire du Nord
  • Workshops on June 16th at Hariko

Differdange – Aalt Stadhaus

June 16th at the Amado Bistro

  • Stelise and The Ferocious Few

The Open Stages:

Wellenstein and ASTI

Wellenstein – June 17th and 18th

  • 2 hours of concerts of all genres: cover bands, blues, rock, funk, electro
  • Open stage and school performances

ASTI asbl – Parc Laval, Luxembourg Eich – June 18th

  • Concerts, musical workshops, and shows
  • Open stage and open mic to discover the talents of anyone watching!!

The New Organizers:

Bourscheid, Remich and Bascharage

Chateau Fort de Bourscheid – June 17th

  • A 100% jazz music festival in a unique setting: David Jans Quartet, Saxitude, Clement-Migliosi & Friends, ENKI Quartet, The Metz Foundation, and k l e i n.

Touristinfo Remich – June 21st

  • A series of concerts on 4 stages distributed throughout the city: Duo Blue, Sixo, Alfalfa, Andalouzik, Phoenix Rockband, CG & The Boys, DJ sets…

Harmonie de Bascharage – June 16th, 17th, and 18th

  • 3 days of concerts on Claus Square Cito: a combination of music schools, The Cookies, The Vibes, Da Yodla, and even the participation of neighboring brass bands (Schuller, Aubange, and Pétange)

Wonderfully Unique:

Piusverband and Casino – Luxembourg

Union St Pie / Piusverband – Limpertsberg – June 18th

  • The organ meets cinema! This entails an organ reproduction of some of the greatest cinema soundtracks.

Casino Luxembourg – June 16th

  • A unique experimental concert of the collective Mnemozine

School of the UGDA – across the country

From June 16th to June 21st

  • 10 concerts in 9 municipalities (Bastendorf, Reckange-sur-Mess, Mamer, Kopstal, Bertrange, Lorentzweiler, Steinsel, Walferdange, Niederanven) of the different music classes of the UGDA School: percussion, saxophones, string ensemble, vocal ensemble and much more…

The Musical Genres:

Kayl-Tétange – The New-Blues and Punk

June 21st at Parking Brill

  • 4 concerts of current and urban music: Petrograd (pop punk), Versus You (punk), The Picture books (blues progressive), Black Flag (hardcore punk).

Filsdorf and The Marching Bands

Fanfare Gemeng Duelem – Beim Wäschbuer Filsdorf

  • On Saturday, June 17th and Sunday, June 18th at the Wäschbuer
  • Concerts: Jalo Sounds, Hands on Mars, Fanfares de Dalheim, Bettembourg, Luxembourg, Gouschteng/Beyren & Zaltimband…

Mamer – Bridel-Kopstal

Mamer – June 16th to 18th, Place de l’Indépendance

  • 15 concerts of all genres over 3 days: soul, rock, pop, folk, rap, hip hop swing, blues, electro, jazz, Americana, gospel
  • Robyn Benett, Lata Gouveia, Sneaky Pete, Napoleon Gold and Maxime Bender, Cristina Branco, Generation Gospel, Deep Dive Culture, De la Mancha, Maz, Tnne,…

Bridel-Kopstal – June 17th and 18th, Scène Bridel rue F.-C. Gerden

  • Concerts: Conservatory choir, CHAiLD, Daniel Balthasar & Band, The Gazmen, What the Funk

For all Audiences:

Kulturhaus – Niederanven

  • Saturday, June 18th
  • Concerts by music classes, brass bands (sometimes crazy with Top Franfare), musical storytelling (La-A), Luxembourgish folk song (Benny & the Bugs) and interactive installations for both the young and old

Enjoy all 24 Organizers distributed in 23 municipalities, including 6 districts of Luxembourg City!! Listen to the 250 free concerts over 6 days – from June 16 to 21 – and partake in one of Luxembourg’s most celebrated Music Festivals of the year.