Five Stylish Alternatives to Adidas Sambas for Summer 2024

Tired of Sambas? Check out this list of five fashionable alternatives to Samba sneakers this summer.
01 July 2024

In the world of casual footwear, few shoes have achieved the iconic status of the Adidas Sambas… Sambas are loved for their classic design, versatility, and comfort, and have long been a staple for sneaker enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. They’re also on many lists as THE summer sneaker to snag.

However, with the growing desire for unique style statements and varied functionality, many of us may be seeking alternatives that offer the same blend of design, comfort and practicality. So… whether you’re in search of something with a fresh aesthetic, enhanced comfort, or innovative materials, this guide will introduce you to a selection of alternative shoe options that rival the beloved Adidas Sambas in both form and function.

Here are some of the shoes the CSL team will be filling our closets with this summer!

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 

Colorful with funky design! If you are feeling bold, and ready to make a statement… try the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66’s. These shoes are celebrated for their blend of retro aesthetics and modern performance and capture a unique fusion of vintage Japanese design with contemporary comfort. Known for their distinctive stripes and lightweight construction, these shoes have become iconic in both athletic and casual wear.

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Aloha sneakers 

Epitomizing the spirit of effortless style and environmental consciousness, crafted to resonate with modern consumers who value both aesthetics and sustainability. These sneakers are well known for their vibrant designs inspired by tropical motifs and beach culture, seamlessly blending island vibes with urban chic. All shoes are thoughtfully produced using eco-friendly materials, including natural rubber and recycled fabrics, to minimize environmental impact, whilst still ensuring high quality and comfort. ALOHA sneakers offer a refreshing departure from conventional footwear, making them a perfect choice for those who want to step lightly on the planet while making a bold fashion statement.

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Gola sneakers 

A timeless blend of British heritage and contemporary style, appealing to both vintage enthusiasts and modern fashionistas. Established in 1905, GOLA has a rich history of crafting athletic footwear that seamlessly transitions from sports fields to everyday streetwear. Characterized by their distinctive branding and retro-inspired designs, these sneakers offer a nod to classic aesthetics while incorporating modern comfort features. GOLA’s commitment to quality and versatile style has made it a beloved choice for those seeking a combination of nostalgic charm and contemporary flair in their footwear.

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Puma Club Trainers 

Puma Club Trainers represent a perfect blend of athletic functionality and stylish versatility. Designed for both performance on the court and casual wear. With their comfortable fit and durable construction, Puma Club Trainers are favored by athletes and trendsetters alike. Whether you’re practicing on the court or strolling through the city, these trainers provide the support and style you need.

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Reebok Club 85s 

Looking for retro elegance and timeless appeal? Merging vintage design with modern comfort? The Reebok Club 85s were originally introduced as tennis shoes in the 1980s, but have since evolved into a cultural icon. These shoes are celebrated for their clean lines, classic silhouette, premium leather construction, low-cut design and subtle branding. These sneakers offer a sophisticated look that effortlessly transitions from the court to casual settings. Reebok’s commitment to quality ensures that every pair of Club 85s delivers durability and comfort, making them a favorite among those who appreciate both heritage and contemporary style.

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Happy sneaker shopping! May you discover that perfect pair that aligns with your style.