Fräiraim Festival

For 3 days, the Fräiraim Festival focuses on the music scene of the Greater Region. This is an excellent opportunity to discover more than 600 artists – whether established or still rising to the top. And all of this is FREE and doesn’t even require a ticket!
21 June 2022

For 3 days, the Fräiraim Festival will fill the Philharmonie’s venues and the Place de l’Europe with music of all genres, ranging from pop & rock via jazz and electro to classical. Musical fireworks, transcending any stylistic and geographical borders!

It’s no secret that CSL MAG is a massive fan of the Philharmonie, but we are particularly excited about this festival for a variety of reasons.  Ranging from the quality of the music, the boundaries/cultures the music originated from, to the platform the event gives for both amateur and professionals to have their work heard by many. The artists featured in the festival are comprised both of many local and international talents. This allows for an incredibly diverse makeup of musical ideas and styles, giving some artists a platform they have previously never had before for their music to be heard by the public.

The music itself can range from just about any particular genre.  Which gives each and every song a unique sense of personality surrounding it, and making every single song a new experience for the audience.  In an era where there are infinite selections of music on streaming devices, this plays into the advantage of the festival, as it can introduce a whole new genre’s worth of music to an individual.  

Luxembourg is known for being a “melting pot” of several different cultures. This festival is a perfect reflection of this. Being located in the heart of Europe allows for our neighbours to share their local music alongside the local Luxembourgish artists. With over 600 musicians likely to be in attendance this year, there will be an incredible amount of genres, styles and personalities on display for everyone to enjoy. 

The festival will take place on Friday, June 24th until Sunday, June 26th. You can find a full schedule and more detailed information on the Fräiraim Festival website.