From Dreams to Reality: The Power of Manifestation

08 April 2024

The modern businesswoman juggles a million things at once, and sometimes it can feel like the universe is working against us when things don’t follow the path we have set for ourselves. 

Manifestation, or using visualization and positive affirmations to attract what you want in life, can be a powerful tool for businesswomen to set clear goals — whether they’re riding the highs or lows of their careers. 

Manifesting can help focus your efforts and guide your decision-making in the workplace because it involves setting specific and measurable objectives to attract success. 

According to the Forbes article, “Use Manifestation To Improve Performance And Achieve Your Business Goals,” here are a few ways manifestation can be beneficial to businesswomen:

  • It promotes positive mindsets and self-talk: Engaging in positive self-talk by reframing negative thoughts can help to maintain a positive mindset, an essential tool for business success.
  • Manifestation helps visualize success: Putting attention towards your desires by creating vision boards and journals or closing your eyes to picture yourself achieving your goals, can help bring them closer to fulfillment.
  • It reinforces your belief in your abilities: Using affirmations such as “I am worthy of success” and “I am capable of achieving my goals” activates neural processes in the brain associated with self-related processing and reward. These affirmations lead to feelings of self-competence and a desire to succeed. 
  • It encourages creativity: Manifesting can stimulate out-of-the-box thinking, which is often vital for problem-solving and innovative solutions.

The rules of manifestation are often debated amongst manifesters, some believing there’s no “right” way to manifest, and others believing it won’t work if you don’t “connect to the spiritual world” first. 

For example, the term “scripting,” can involve writing down your aspirations precisely 33 times for three days, and concluding with “all this manifests and better,” in case the universe decides to grant more than what you asked for. 

Surprisingly, manifesting can also be mathematical. With special numbers, “angel numbers,” being sent from the universe like 4444 and 1111, and special sound frequencies that manifest specific wants —  like 528 hertz being the “love frequency.” 

Yet, we live in a hustle culture, and so the idea of manifestation can seem ineffective or pointless to hustlers because it relies on thoughts, rather than tangible action. 

However, both approaches focus on achieving success and have many similarities at their core. Hustling is represented by putting in long hours to achieve success and emphasizes taking action through time and effort to reach your goals.

Manifestation uses visualization and positive affirmations to attract what you want in life, emphasizing the power of thoughts and beliefs to shape your reality. This makes it more effective in attracting intangible goals, such as happiness and abundance. 

Depending on the individual businesswoman and her goals, the best approach might be a balance between the two approaches — combining hard work and action with the power of positive thinking and visualization.