Hiking in Bavigne

The Upper Sûre Nature Park has a network of hiking trails extending over some 700 kilometres. Laurent Jacquemart took this hike in March before the flowers were blooming so the summer views will mean even greener pastures!
16 August 2022

Take a pleasant walk in the Upper Sûre National Park. Start from the parking of the “Auberge du Lac” in Bavigne (lux. Béiwen), an ancient village first mentioned in the XIth century. This is on a nice forest path with some steep up and down, follow the shore of a sidearm of the Sûre water reservoir and enjoy some great views. Cross the small dam of Bavigne to get to the opposite side of the water surface. From there, the path leads you back to the starting point.

AP Bavigne (9,2 km)

Region: Eislek

Duration: 1 h 50 min

Elevation: 320-391 m

Level: moderate (6/10)

Walking ground quality: good