HIITme Group Fitness Classes


10 Rue d’Itzig, 5852 Hesperange, Luxembourg

Opening Hours:

Classes 7 days a week; check website for class schedule


HIITme Health & Fitness is all about providing great workouts that are fun, challenging and always guaranteed to make you sweat.We specialise in group fitness, making exercise an easy part of your life. Exercise should be something that you look forward to and not dread! For that to happen it is my belief that you need to find an exercise that you actually enjoy and do it with a great set of people that can help you along the way. I work hard to make sure that happens!We offer three different fitness groups Jess Boxing, Boot Camp & Kettlercise; you can participate in one group or complete your training with a combination of classes.

I look forward to all our health and fitness journeys together!

Why CSL Loves it!: Marie’s energy is contagious. She works you to the bone, but you will see results and you WILL have fun! Whether it’s boxing, bootcamp or kettlercise (or a combination of all 3) you can’t go wrong!

“Kettlebells with Marie has been fantastic way to tone up and slim down, the high intensity session are a brilliant way to exercise efficiently!” Cameron Murdoch

“JessBoxing is a great way to get fit. It’s lively, fast-paced, fun & no two classes are ever the same! As a women’s only class, it’s also a really great environment for working out. Marie is truly inspiring! Highly recommend.” Chris Ryan

“What an invigorating way to start the day, 50 minutes of exercise outdoors, using the whole body. It has helped my cardio, my flexibility of movement and increased stamina. It is the best individual exercise done as a group.”More information about my classes

Website (shop now!): Visit http://hiitme.lu for more information.

Phone number: +352 621 454 914

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