Hiking in Rosport

How many times a day do you crack open a Rosport? Explore the source and take a moment to ponder our existence in the oldest sanctuary in Luxembourg on this gorgeous hike.
30 May 2022

written by Laurent Jacquemart

Tour through the rolling countryside near Rosport (lux. Rouspert), lying in the Lower Sûre Valley on the eastern edge of the Mullerthal region.

Start near the church in Rosport, where most of Luxembourg’s bottled water originates. The well-known company “Sources Rosport s.a.” is exploiting two mineral water sources: a first mineral spring called “Rosport”, delivering naturally sparkling water and a second spring, supplying the still water named “Viva”.

The village is also known as the home of Henri Tudor (1859-1928), the official inventor of the lead-acid battery and the builder of the world’s first electric car. The beginning of the walk leads you through large gardens past Tudor’s former family home, housing the town hall and a museum dealing with Tudor’s life and achievements. This house was one of the first in the country to get electric lighting. Tudor’s company also supplied Echternach with electricity, illuminating it for the first time in 1886.

Head towards Girsterklaus, a hamlet in the hills south of Rosport, and see its tiny church (XIVth century, built on Roman foundations). It is said to be the oldest sanctuary in Luxembourg. Inside, enjoy the nice Lady altar and the remains of some lovely frescoes depicting the apostles.

Continue through the sloping hillsides with magnificent views over the Sûre Valley, its wooded sides and its numerous orchards.

AP Rosport (9,9 km)

Region: Mullerthal

Duration: 2 h

Elevation: 188-327 m

Level: moderate (5/10)

Walking ground quality: good