House 17


17 Rue du N, 2229 Luxembourg

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 8 am to 1amSunday: closed


Private Members Club offering the perfect place to work,  relax, eat a fabulous meal and even party.

Why CSL Loves it!:House17 members is our first port of call for both business and pleasure.  When it comes to booking a meeting room to meet with clients but it’s also first on our list as a destination in the city centre for meeting friends for lunch. When we travel, we are graced with generous discounts and upgrades at both local and international hotels and resorts, local gyms, and spas. H17 features a fabulous restaurant, outdoor terrace, three floors of meeting rooms, a cigar room which is more like a plush country club loft and even allows a sneaky cigarette without having to brave the cruel winter winds. On the top floor, if you are feeling more party, less work, a private bar which can host up to 60 of your nearest and dearest.

Website (shop now!): Visit for more information.

Phone number: +352 20 10 17


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