How to Support Ukraine

A list of resources to help refugees seeking shelter or donate needed items!
08 March 2022

During these extremely difficult times, there can be a very real feeling of hopelessness around what we can all actually do to help Ukrainian people. With the help of our Ukrainian friends we put together a list of resources where you can help refugees seeking shelter or donate money, food, clothing, baby items, etc. 

Housing Refugees:

Housing is something that we often take for granted. One way that you can greatly help Ukrainian refugees is by providing them a place to stay. If you or anyone you know has spare room where you live, consider opening your doors to refugees. Here are some organizations where you can start. 

Host families for refugees of war in Ukraine/Luxembourg

This is a Facebook group organizing shelters for Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg. Refugees are connected with hosts through the Facebook group and there are many people willing to open their doors to Ukrainian people. If you are seeking shelter, or are willing to host refugees join this group. 

Please Note: There are official procedures to follow if you are planning to host refugees. You should make sure to contact the Red Cross & Caritas by email or phone: 

Phone: 621 796 780


If you are planning to help transport those in need at the Ukrainian border, you should also contact the government by email ( to notify them of your plans. 

You can find the government’s full list of guidelines here.

Shelter 4UA

Shelter4UA’s mission is to connect people who need help in Ukraine to individuals who have the means to provide shelter. Their website helps to locate shelters for Ukrainian refugees. If you are a refugee seeking shelter, visit their website for specific locations and to request help. If you are a person willing to provide shelter, visit this website to become a host. You can also offer to babysit or provide transport from the border. 

Donate Money:

If you are looking to help the Ukrainian people but do not have a lot of time on your hands, donating money can take less than five minutes. Even if the donation is small, every bit helps. Here are some resources for where you can directly donate money to the cause. 

Help Ukraine

Help Ukraine is focused on transporting supplies to Ukraine, transporting refugees from Ukraine, and donating directly to the cause. On their website you will find direct bank transfer information as well as a donate link for credit cards. For those interested in transporting refugees or necessary supplies, organization for such help can be done on their website. 

Come Back Alive

This website’s mission is aimed at supporting the Ukrainian armed forces. They have already raised over 45 million dollars for the cause from their beginning in 2014. On their website you can donate directly to the Ukrainian military through various platforms, such as crypto currency and swift. 

Luxembourg Red Cross Migrant and Refugees Service

The Migrants and Refugees Service provides support, guidance in daily life and social follow-up to applicants for international protection as well as support during all administrative procedures. An essential aspect of its work is the organisation of leisure activities that promote the socio-cultural integration of migrants into Luxembourg society.

Donate Items:

In times of crisis, necessary supplies are hard to come by for Ukrainian people. Ukrainian people are in need of medical supplies, food, clothing, baby supplies, etc. If you have cans of food in your house, spare medical supplies, or want to head to the grocery store for Ukrainian people, anything helps! Here are resources for donating items. 

Humanitarian Aid Centers– Junglinster

If you are looking where to donate items, the municipality of Junglinster has supply donation areas. Here you can donate hygiene products, candles, sleeping bags, medical supplies, etc. You can drop off items between 8am and 5pm daily at this address: 8, Ronnheck Street, L-6118 Junglinster. 

Ozone Ninja Park– Foetz

You can drop off items for Ukrainian families in Foetz. They are currently taking non-prescription medicines, baby food, baby & adult hygiene projects, food (canned food, rice, pasta, instant noodles), boilers for water and microwaves. 

1535 Creative Hub (115 Rue Emile Mark, 4620 Differdange) Administrative Building

You can drop off the following items to help until March 14th at 3pm:

  • Pillow
  • Duvets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Batteries
  • Mobile phone chargers, Powerbanks
  • Hygienic products (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.)
  • Baby diapers and other baby products
  • Dry food (rice, pasta, biscuits, etc.)
  • Preserves
  • Toys
  • School material (pads, pens, etc.)
  • Medical equipment (dressings, first aid kits, tablets to decontaminate water, etc.)

No more clothing is needed at this time!

YogaBalance Luxembourg (Kirchberg)

A new yogi from the Walfer studio, Marc Hayot and his friends are collecting items for those fleeing Ukraine and driving these supplies to Poland. Many refugees find themselves in need of camping supplies, sleeping bags and mats for sleeping.Maybe you have an old exercise mat that is too thick or slippery for yoga and is just collecting dust in your cellar/garage? Or maybe your current mat is not suitable anymore? Donate it to help Ukraines in need.

*Time Sensitive Donation: Thursday, 10th March in Walferdange and Wednesday, 9th March in Kirchberg.

Hôpitaux Robert Schuman

This initiative is led by LUkraine asbl with volunteers coordinated by Santé Services in partnership with POST Luxembourg. You can find all the practical information on ways to help and a list of items that need to be collected as a priority. 

Speak out/Show your Support:

It’s time to stand up against Putin and make your voice heard. There have already been several protests and demonstrations, and there are definitely more to come. Here are some resources to help you SPEAK OUT!


LUkraine is a community of Ukranians in Luxembourg. They have been holding events and posting more information and resources on how to help. They are currently hosting a Facebook fundraiser and also have direct bank transfer information on their website here

Philharmonie Concert

Philharmonie is holding a charity concert on March 18th donating to Red Cross Luxembourg in efforts to provide humanitarian support for those who have remained in Ukraine and refugees. 


When donating, there are a few things to keep in mind to minimize waste. You should first sort your items before going to the donation center. For example, separate your items into categories such as baby items, hygiene items, and medical items. Make sure when you donate, all of the items that have been previously used are CLEAN. Too often do we see half used and dirty products in the donation bins that will not be of help to the cause. Overall, if your products are clean and will be of use to Ukrainian people you should be of great help.

Information for Refugees:

Upon arriving in Luxembourg, refugees should email to make the government aware of their stay. This will help the government to issue a temporary protection request which will allow for refugees to receive residence permits. With this permit refugees can access education and find work in Luxembourg. 

If a refugee arrives in Luxembourg with no accommodations, there is the Structure d’hébergement d’urgence au Kirchberg shelter for those who need for a few days. 

Address: SHUK, 11 rue Carlo Hemmer, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

If you know of other ways people can help, please let us know and we will add them to the list!