How well do you know Luxembourg Quiz?

Test your Lux Knowledge with this short quiz!
10 March 2022

CSL MAG has put together a short quiz for to test your knowledge about the country of Luxembourg. If you are new to the country, or just happen to not know much about the country, this quiz can be a good place to start learning facts about Lux! Answers listed at the end of the quiz.

Quiz Questions

1. How many Olympic metals has Luxembourg received? 

2. How many European Union institutions are located or have offices in Luxembourg? 

3. Who is first in the line of succession to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg? 

4. What is the oldest city in Luxembourg? 

5. What is the largest city in Luxembourg to not have a commune named after it? 

6. How many Grand Dukes/Duchesses has Luxembourg had since 1815? 

7. How many UNESCO-recognized cultural sites are located in Luxembourg? 

8. On average, How many births happen per day in Luxembourg? 

9. What is the official motto of Luxembourg? 

10. What Luxembourgish politician served as the 21st Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and as the 12th President of the European Commission? 

11. What is Luxembourg’s top-selling car brand of 2021? 

12. How many times has Luxembourg City been named the European Capital of Culture? 

13. What is the highest elevation point in Luxembourg? 

14. What is Luxembourg’s oldest private multi-business bank? 

15. What telecommunications company and Subsidiary of Microsoft has their headquarters in Luxembourg? 

16. In what year did Luxembourg legalize same-sex marriage? 

17. What is the national bird of Luxembourg? 

18.  How many prisons are in the country of Luxembourg? 

19. In 2022, how many airports does LuxAir offer travel to? 

20. How many major highways make up the Luxembourgish freeway system? 


  1. 4 Olympic metals. 
  2. 13 EU institutions are headquartered or have offices in Luxembourg. 
  3. The oldest child of the Duke.
  4. Echternach 
  5. Belvaux 
  6. 9 Grand Dukes/Duchesses
  7. 4 UNESCO-recognized cultural sites
  8. 12 births per day
  9. Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn (We want to remain what we are)
  10. Jean-Claude Juncker
  11. Volkswagen
  12. 2 times
  13. Kneiff, a hill between the village of Huldange and Wemperhaard, is the highest point in the country with its 560 m
  14. Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)
  15. Skype 
  16. 2015
  17. Goldcrest
  18. 2 prisons 
  19. 109 airports 
  20. 6 major highways 

If you happened to get all 20 questions right, chances are you were born and raised in Luxembourg! Share your results with us and let us know how you did.