Intense Coffee

A new vegan cafe has opened in town!
06 June 2022

Written by Alix Rassel

On May 26th a new café opened in the Limpertsberg district of the city and, guess what, it’s all plant based. Maybe for personal reasons I’m getting over excited here but, as a Vegan, it’s always nice to see more options open for likeminded people. 

Intense Coffee’s owners got their inspiration from the multitude of coffee places you can find in Berlin, and it certainly does have that vibe about it. It’s located in a modern building and they’ve kept the interior very minimalistic but with a plethora of plants every where you look. There is also the odd Graffiti style art work on the walls here and there; reminding us that plant milk rules.

Speaking of which, all coffee is served either black or with some kind of plant milk and they have a very small selection of cakes, sandwiches and bowls (all vegan of course). However it’s early days and this is primarily somewhere to go for coffee at the moment, and not necessarily lunch as they tend to sell out quite quickly!

One of the special features is a small backyard terrace which looks over the new Eco-development of houses and flats built in the neighbourhood. You can sit out there and enjoy your morning coffee during summer mornings or bring your ‘To Go’ cup to take to the office. At Intense Coffee they are all about making sure you get your coffee fix.

Intense Coffee

61 Avenue Pasteur

2311 Luxembourg

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