J’adore bio

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45 Rue Laurent Ménager, 2143 Luxembourg

Opening Hours:

Tuesday through Friday 11am – 7pm, Saturday 11am – 6pm

24 hours a day web shop!


J’adore bio is an online shop with natural, organic and zero-waste cosmetics. J’adore bio brings together a hand-picked selection of artisanal brands producing the finest natural and organic beauty products. We insist on NO dangerous ingredients, NO parabens, NO petrochemicals, NO artificial fragrances (and more). We check the formulas of all cosmetics to make sure that they are safe, natural and created using the highest possible percentage of ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients. Working with many artisanal, family-led beauty brands we are excited to offer our customers an unparalleled range of products made with lots of love and only the best natural ingredients. Whether you are looking for a vegan face cream, zero-waste shampoo or a beautiful natural gift set for loved ones – J’adore bio is a shop for you! 

Here are a few reasons you might like shopping at J’adore bio:

  • A great selection of natural cosmetics from niche brands;
  • Zero-waste packaging;
  • Free delivery to Luxembourg from 59EUR;
  • Free samples to all orders;
  • Free organic cotton bag for the first order;
  • & every time you shop with us you support a small Luxembourgish business

Why CSL Loves it!:

We don’t often get so excited about innovative beauty launches but harming animals in the pursuit of looking pretty is rather gross.  In the case of J’adore, they had us at cruelty-free. Do you really want to put things on your face that are byproducts of slaughtered animals but we get it- you want to look good The ethical beauty market has exploded in recent years but Luxembourg has been rather slow to embrace it and we are grateful that J’adore Bio has arrived on the scene.  These products are well worth getting your hands as you can look beautiful as well as feel gorgeous. Did we mention you get FREE samples every time you order anything.

Website (shop now!): Visit www.jadorebio.com for more information.

Phone number: +352 621 435 555

Email: contact@jadorebio.com

Instagram: Follow their account