July LUX WMN Library: The Books

Need a new book to read while enjoying the sunshine? Here are six recent releases on our reading list!
06 July 2023

The Little Italian Hotel by Phaedra Patrick

In The Little Italian Hotel, advice expert and radio host Ginny Splinter’s husband, Adrian, asks for a divorce. Having already planned a romantic getaway to Italy, Ginny decides to invite four heartbroken listeners to join her on a healing journey, but as Adrian begins to rethink his decision, Ginny must choose between staying committed to her marriage or starting anew. In this novel, author Phaedra Patrick explores the complicated nature of marriage, sense of self and the process of learning to let go.

The Story of Art Without Men by Katy Hessel

Author Katy Hessel is rewriting art history in The Story of Art Without Men, which highlights forgotten female artists dating back to the Renaissance. Learn about the other half of history and the works that were left behind, as Hessel shines a spotlight on women who never received credit or respect for their artwork due to past societal rules and expectations.

Victory City by Salman Rushdie

After her mother dies, nine-year-old Pampa Kampana becomes a vessel for a goddess, who provides her with incredible power and tells her she will be instrumental to the creation of a city with true gender equality and equity called Bisnaga, or “victory city.” However, as time passes, Pampa’s task becomes increasingly difficult, leaving her in the middle of battles and shifting alliances that threaten this idyllic future.

Quietly Hostile by Samantha Irby

This collection of essays by Samantha Irby offers readers a behind-the-scenes view into life without a filter, as Irby admits to things like bad music taste and getting a crazy pandemic dog. Irby’s incredibly funny yet intimate and honest look at life reveals that, regardless of what you see on social media, life is unpredictable, nobody is perfect and life is actually pretty funny sometimes.

Dances by Nicole Cuffy

When twenty-two year old Cece Cordell becomes the first Black ballerina for the New York City Ballet, she can’t help but feel like she doesn’t belong. Even with her newfound fame, Cece finds herself reflecting on her haunting past, and is soon presented with an opportunity that may allow her to find her missing brother and salvage the parts of her life stolen by the world of ballet. Across the span of nearly 300 pages, Dances reveals the delicate balance of freedom and power for women in the art world.

A Renaissance of Our Own by Rachel E. Cargle

In A Renaissance of Our Own, author Rachel E. Cargle explores the difference between societal expectations and personal truth, while documenting her transition from a reserved Christian wife to a queer feminist voice. In order to encourage others to take control of their lives and become their authentic selves, Cargle shares several of the tools she used to reinvent herself and provides advice on how readers can embark on this lifelong process for themselves.