July Watchlist

Put these things to watch on your to-do list this month!
04 July 2023

Written by Kylie Mullis

If you find yourself rewatching your favorite three shows over and over again, maybe it’s time to branch out! Check out our watch list for this month to get you inspired.

Bingeworthy Drama-Comedy TV Show: The Afterparty 

This month sees the release of season two of this hilarious comedy show. It takes place following the tragic demise during an afterparty held to commemorate a high school reunion. A cloud of suspicion blankets the entire group of guests, and an investigator is brought in to meticulously interrogate each of the former classmates. He delves into their individual narratives and unearths possible motives, leading to a climactic revelation thats will leave audiences wanting more! This is definitely a fun show to watch, and gives all of the laughs you need for the summer months.

Where to Watch: Apple TV+

Seasons: 2

Gripping and Exciting Fantasy-Action TV Show: The Witcher

The long awaited third season of the fantasy drama television series is finally being released. This is the final season in which actor Henry Cavill will portray the titular character, Geralt of Rivia, aka the Witcher, and fans of the game and the books will be curious to see how they portray his exit from filming. Season four of the show is set to have Liam Hemsworth take the helm as Geralt, and while many are upset about the original actors departure, we will have to wait and see both Cavill’s last season and Hemsworth’s first before making any judgements.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Seasons: 3

Crazy Crime Documentary: Victim/Suspect

Heads up, this is a bit of a rough watch, especially if you aren’t into crime! The documentary follows a series of young women that tell the police they’ve been sexually assaulted, but instead of finding justice, they’re charged with the crime of making a false report, arrested, and even imprisoned by the system they believed would protect them. There is real interview footage as well as a directorial style of filming – the show follows an investigative journalist, Rae de Leon, while stringing together this harrowing series of events.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Episodes: 1

Cute, Quirky Romance TV Show: The Summer I Turned Pretty

Season two of the beloved Jenny Han book series adaptation is releasing this summer! If you haven’t watched the first season, the show follows a young girl, Belly, as she navigates her first loves, relationships, and heartbreaks with two brothers who have been her best friends since childhood. Season two is set to pick up right where the first season left off, and is presumably going to follow the storyline of the second book in the series, It’s Not Summer Without You. If you’re looking for something with the ability to make you cry tears of joy and sadness combined, this is definitely a must-watch for you!

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Seasons: 2

Exciting Action TV Show: Hijack

In the gripping real-time thriller, starring Idris Elba as Sam Nelson, a skilled negotiator, a flight bound for London falls into the clutches of hijackers. With the estimated arrival time of seven hours, Nelson must employ his expertise to rescue the passengers. Adding to the suspense is the presence of Archie Panjabi from “The Good Wife” in another captivating role.

Where to Watch: Apple TV+

Seasons: 1

Inspiring Documentary: The Deepest Breath!

Witness the extraordinary journey of a fearless freediving champion as they embark on a quest to shatter a global record, guided by a seasoned safety diver. Together, they forge an unbreakable connection that seems destined by fate. This captivating documentary traces their individual paths, culminating in a mesmerizing encounter at the pinnacle of the freediving realm. It chronicles the exhilarating triumphs and inevitable perils of pursuing a dream within the serene abyss of the ocean depths.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Release Date: July 14th

Upcoming Movie: Barbie

With big name actors like Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, its no wonder that Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the beloved children’s doll has gained so much media attention. The films plot centers around Ken wanting to go on a summer adventure with Barbie as they navigate a blossoming romance. It would seem that this ‘summer adventure’ turns into more of a summer mishap, as the characters are forced to navigate life in the less-than-perfect human world… a huge contrast to their perfectly plastic lives in the world of Barbie Land.

Release Date: July 20th

Anything we missed on this month’s watchlist? Let us know what should be next on the list!