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Coffee in the City: City Savvy’s Top 5

by Katie Nail

If you find yourself slowing down with the onset of winter, why not grab a cup of coffee and discover some liquid motivation? We’ve listed our top 5 favourites to get your energy levels up and your mind humming.


Café Knopes 

If you can only drink coffee at one place in Luxembourg let it be Café Knopes. One of the few places roasting their own beans, their coffee is smooth, rich and dangerously easy to drink. They have a small café in town but have added a very cool location in the Robin du Lac store. Both venues are perfect for sitting-in or taking away but the Robin du Lac location is something really special for Luxembourg. The staff at both places are always friendly and willing to answer all of your coffee related questions. If you’re lucky, you may even get some exciting latte art.

  • Good for: Discerning coffee drinkers. This is the real deal.
Where70 route d’Esch, L-1470, Luxembourg
When: Mon 11:15 – 18:00 Tues to  Sat 8:15 – 18:00
Damage: Coffees from 3 euro
Contact: Tel (+352) 26 27 06 26 Email info@knopes.com

Golden Bean

What this very narrow café lacks in size they make up for in flavour and service. They roast their own beans and on most days the shop is full of their toasty aroma. Their coffee is delicious with acid nodes that pack a powerful caffeine punch. Aside from the coffee, the staff are wonderful. They will prepare your coffee any way you can think up and have a variety of devices for making coffee. If you have the time, get a filter coffee and enjoy the slow process of a perfectly brewed cup.

  • Good for: Customer focused coffee.
Where23 Rue Chimay, L-1333, Luxembourg (near Place d’Armes)
When: Mon to Fri 7:00 to 19:00, Sat – Sun 9:00 to 19:00
Damage: Coffee from 3 Euro
Contact: Phone: Tel: (+352) – 26203660 Email: goldenbean@live.com 


There’s a lot to be said for home roasted, artisan, drip coffees but there is also a lot to be said for gigantic, sugary lattes. Whenever I want to indulge in something “American” I come to Downtown. Their lattes can only be described as gigantic and their selection of syrups is unparalleled in Luxembourg. This is not gourmet coffee, but if you find yourself craving a very famous American coffee chain, Downtown is a delightful (and perhaps superior) substitution.

  • Good for: Meal substitutes.
Where12 rue Chimay, Luxembourg
When: Mon – Sat 9 to 1, Sun 2 to 8
Damage: Coffees from 3.60 Euro
Contact: Tel (+352) 26 20 37 07, Email chrahme@gmail.com

Konrad Café

I think Konrads may be the first café expats discover in Luxembourg. It could be the English speaking staff but it could also be their reputation as one of the few “proper” cafes in Lux. Whatever the reason, their coffee definitely adds to their reputation. The beans are from Knopes and put to good use in their cappuccinos and lattes. They are also the only place in Luxembourg that I have had a “true” flat white (thanks in part to some Aussie staff). They’ve opened up the basement, so there is now more room to drink and relax.

  • Good for: Chance encounters of the coffee kind. 
Where7 Rue du Nord, Luxembourg
When: Mon – Thur 10 – 12, Fri – Sat 10 -1, Sun 11 -12
Damage: Coffees from 3.50 Euro
Contact: Tel: (+352) 26 20 18 94, Email: moien@konradcafe.net


No longer the new kid on the block, Ready’s popularity has sky rocketed due to its friendly service, great coffee and free wifi. Shabby-chic, it boasts all sorts of speciality coffees from all over the world, including single-sourced filter coffees and experimental espressos. There are also healthy smoothies and lunches, guaranteed to cure a hangover, as well as goodies of a more waist-expanding variety. It’s very popular with freelance writers and the mummy brigade, not least for the free flavoured waters on offer. A great place to while away a morning.

  • Good for : bohemian-chic coffee the morning after the night before

Where: 35 Avenue du Bois, L-1251 Luxembourg
When: Tues – Fri 7h – 18h; Sat 9h – 16h


Featured photo: Blake Richard Verdoorn/unsplash

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