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What’s On: Philharmonie Concerts

by Brynn Pierce

The world keeps getting more and more creative to provide us with amazing experiences even during Covid! The Philharmonie Luxembourg will be hosting “Lëtz Phil” concerts in person and online from March 25th to the end of July! Here’s what you need to know.

Every two weeks there will be a concert by a Luxembourgish artist lived streamed on the Philharmonie’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. The shows will take place on Thursdays at 1pm. The performances will be 30 minutes long, and if you can’t watch the livestream the performances will be available to be replayed later! In addition to the livestreams, the artists of the LËTZ PHIL series will also play a live concert with an audience at the Philharmonie.

@Alfonso Salgueiro

Here is the amazing lineup!

17.03.2021 6pm & 8pm (concert)
25.03.2021 1pm (stream)

Gast Waltzing Quintet

Gast Waltzing -trumpet
Julia Belova -piano
Christoph Simon -synthesizer
Max Serra -bass
Niels Engel -drums

24.03.2021 6pm & 8pm (concert)
08.04.2021 1pm (stream)

Arthur Possing Quartet

Pierre Cocq-Amann- saxophone, composition
Arthur Possing – piano, composition
Sebastian «Schlapbe» Flach double bass
Niels Engel – drums

15.04.2021 8pm (concert)
22.04.2021 1pm (stream)

Sascha Ley Free Spirit Songs

Sascha Ley- vocals
Murat Öztürk- piano
Laurent Payfert – double bass

29.04.2021 6pm & 8pm (concert)
06.05.2021 pm (stream)

David Laborier- «Three’s A Crowd»

David Laborier -guitars
Michel Pilz- bass clarinet
Marc Huynen -trumpet

21.05.2021 8pm (concert)
03.06.2021 1pm (stream)

Claire Parsons- «In Geometry»

Claire Parsons- vocals
Claire Parsons -synths, effects
Eran Har Even -electric guitar
Jérôme Klein -keyboards
Jérôme Klein -piano
Pol Belardi- bass
Niels Engel -drums
Charles Stoltz -sound, effects

02.06.2021 6pm & 8pm (concert)-
17.06.2021 13:00 (stream)

Serge Tonnar -guitar

Eric Falchero – keyboards
Ben Claus- accordion
Marc Demuth -double bass
Dirk Kellen -drums

01.07.2021 8pm (concert)
15.07.2021 13:00 (stream)

David Ianni- «Songs of Love»

David Ianni -piano

@Alfonso Salgueiro

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