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LUX Snacks- Gluten Free Guide

by Brynn Pierce

As a person with Celiac Disease, being in Europe has definitely a challenge for me. Mostly because I want to try all of the amazing looking pastries. However, I was bound and determined to try and find the best gluten free foods in Luxembourg. After many taste tests, here are my top picks!

Pick 1- Mio & Mio

Mio & Mio has amazing gluten free pizza and gnocchi. It is conveniently located inside of Opkorn mall, they will deliver or you can pick up your oder! I had the vegetarian gluten free pizza, without cheese (yes I’m also vegan). Look how pretty!

Pick 2- Matelots

Matelots has AMAZING buckwheat crepes. I’ve been multiple times. At the moment (due to Covid), they make the crepes right outside in front of you. Even though they have a limited menu, it is still delicious! I’m hoping restaurants open up soon so I can try more options from their usual menu!

Pick 3- Naturalia

While many grocery stores have gluten free options, Naturalia has the best gluten free section I’ve found yet. They have everything from pasta to chocolate croissant and lots of vegan and health food options as well. They have locations all over Luxembourg, so be sure to check them out!

Pick 4- Marguerite’s

I did not find Marguerite’s when doing my original gluten free research and I still cannot find them on the internet. However, they are owned by The Chocolate House and right around the corner from the original location across from the Palace. It’s definitely worth looking for because everything inside is gluten free. They have bread and of course delicious chocolate and incredible cakes to choose from.

Pick 5- Victorine

Victorine is a small chain in Luxembourg, and has so much delicious fresh food to offer. 80% of their food is local and most of it is gluten free. They have prepared meals, wraps and soups plus amazing baked goods. I had the best tiramisu! There are 3 locations scattered across the city, and I’d say it’s definitely worth the hunt.

Please let me know if you know of any other gluten free spots in Luxembourg! I will add them to my list and can’t wait to taste test them myself!

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