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Terraces are Open! Where to Grab a Drink…

by Brynn Pierce

Terraces are finally open and it doesn’t just mean for dining; you can’t forget the drinks! We’ve compiled a list favourite outdoor drink spots in Lux! Did we miss your favourite? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Pick 1- Um Plateau

Tucked away in a quite corner of Clausen, this elegant gem feels intimate despite its popularity. Incredible views in the garden are complemented by chic chairs with a signature Um Plateau cocktail in hand. They claim that the Botanist G&T is their best drink so we say let the experts decide!

Good for: A perfect evening; sit in a tranquil oasis while watching the train coast along. Bet you take a selfie, summer libation in hand!

Where: 6, Plateau Altmünster L-1123
When: Monday to Sunday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Damage: Reasonably priced/ out of this world tapas to share
Contact: Tel: 26 47 84 26

Pick 2- Bouneweger Stuff

This place is where the cool kids go. Their drink list isn’t extensive, but it’s good and is cheaper and more laid back than any city center bar. Their patio is on the sidewalk and on a sunny night the young and lovely spill out onto the street. This place feels like you could be in NYC or Paris in a hip hood…

Good for: People watching and being seen.

Where: 1, rue du Cimetière, Luxembourg, L – 1338
When: Monday-Friday open at 9am, Saturday and Sunday open at 12pm
Damage: Cocktails from 9 Euro
Contact: Tel: +352 26 19 05 50

Pick 3- Vis a Vis

Vis a Vis outside patio is wonderful in the evening. Their outside seating is really just an open courtyard but with bistro table and chairs it feels Parisian. The vibe is jovial and there are regulars hanging out at all hours of the day.

Good for: Watching the nightlife.

Where: 2 rue Beaumont, Luxembourg, L – 1219
When: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm
Damage: Cocktails from 9 Euro

Pick 4- Cafe Waldhaff

For those days you need to get out of the city, Café Waldhaff is the perfect place to go. Any drink will taste great while sitting under a big umbrella on their gorgeous lawn or under their nice covered patio. They have an excellent wine menu and are happy to put a cocktail together. Just make sure some one can drive home!

Good for:  Someone with a designated driver.

Where: Waldhof, Luxembourg, L-1638
When: Wed – Sun 11:00am to 6pm
Damage: Cocktails from 10 EUR
Contact: Tel: +352 26 19 05 50

Pick 5- Scott’s Pub

You know how much we love Scott’s! Who wouldn’t love sitting on there trace looking at the water and enjoying the environment? Scott’s was of course recommended by tons of our readers.

Good for: A cold beer, delicious eats and an incredible view.

Where: 4 Bisserweg, 1238 Lëtzebuerg
When: Monday-Sunday 11am to 6pm
Damage: Cocktails from 10 EUR
Contact: Tel: +352 22 64 75

Pick 6- La Cave a Manger

This is the perfect location to catch up with friends and family or just have a break in your day. There is never a bad time for wine so this spot is always a good choice. Have a glass or share a bottle, enjoy some cheeses and meats, you can’t go wrong!

Good for: A bottle of their amazing wine. The staff are so helpful with recommendations!

Where: 1 rue Bender 1229 Luxembourg
When: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Damage: Cocktails from 10 EUR
Contact: Tel: +352  661 669 339/20 21 03 40

Pick 7- Urban

Urban is always a fan favorite. They have so many fun cocktails to choose from. If you build up an appetite after drinking, this is also the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat. We love the environment and the scene. Check out our TikTok at Urban!

Good for: One reader suggests the kaele kaffe.

Where: 2 Rue de la Boucherie, L-1247 Luxembourg and 7 Avenue du Rock’n’Roll, L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette
When: Monday-Sunday 10am-6pm
Damage: Cocktails from 10 EUR
Contact: Tel: +352   26 47 85 78/26 57 32 81

Pick 8- Dipso

Dispo, the wine Republic, has a beautiful and large terrace. This is the perfect place for people watching, trying new wines and enjoying a day with nice weather. (Hopefully we get some soon!)

Good for: Gin and tonic, who doesn’t love this classic?

Where: 4 ,rue de la Loge, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
When: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Damage: Wine from 10 EUR
Contact: Tel: +352   26 20 14 14

Pick 9- Beet

We have raved about Beet before for their amazing vegan food, their drinks are just as good! They make amazing classic cocktails and have a great wine menu.

Good for: Our readers love their red beet juice.

Where: 5, avenue des hauts fourneaux, LU-4362 Esch-Belval, Luxembourg
When: Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-1:30pm, 6pm-8pm (takeaway)
Damage: Cocktails from 9 EUR
Contact: Tel: +352   28 57 66 20

Pick 10- Drupi’s

Drupi’s has been recommended to us as a local hot spot so we definitely had to add it to the list. They specialise in wines which you can drink on the spot, and you can also take a bottle or two home for later.

Good for: An afterwork glass of wine and a mean charcuterie board!

Where: 26, rue de l’Alzette, 4011 Esch-sur-Alzette
When: Monday-Saturday from 2pm-6pm
Contact: info@drupis.lu or +352 66 14 04 071

Pick 11- Tube Bar

Another great readers recommendation! Tube bar has a heated and covered terrace, perfect for any day out. Their extensive drink menu has everything from classic gin and tonics to unique cocktails and of course plenty of beers and wines to offer!

Good for: Drinking up an appetite to try their amazing pizza.

Where: 8 Rue Sigefroi, 2536 Luxembourg
When: Wednesday-Sunday from 12pm-6pm
Contact: +352 27 29 52 03

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