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Get To Know: J’Adore Bio

by Hannah Charlton
Jadore Bio

It is no secret that here at CSL we love J’Adore Bio. We sat down with Agnieszka, co-founder of J’Adore Bio, to chat all about the online hub for natural beauty products.

What was your initial inspiration to set up J’Adore Bio?

“Two years ago, I watched a documentary on Netflix called, ‘The Human Experiment’ and it changed everything. The documentary explains that ingredients in cosmetics don’t need to be tested, the danger of these ingredients only becomes known when a problem occurs, hence using us as the experiment. This influenced me to get rid of all my products and start fresh with natural products. The lack of selection for natural products here in Luxembourg made it frustrating to find what I needed. This sparked an idea which is now J’Adore Bio.”

Why was it so important for you to incorporate the 5 stamp process?

“Looking at the at the back of products to try and understand the ingredient list in each product is just too difficult and often times after googling it you still don’t understand the ingredients. The product ingredient lists on J’Adore Bio are translated into plain English to help the consumer know exactly what they are buying. The five stamps are helpful for those that only want vegan or cruelty free products for example,  as they can see the stamp and know if it is what they want rather than having to research the ingredients. The future plan is to make the ingredient list clickable also so you’ll be able to understand the definition of an ingredient also.”

We love this because it is frightening to think that we don’t always know what we are putting on our face and bodies so it is a great to see J’Adore Bio being completely transparent with you. As the consumer you know that you can have complete confidence in the product you are buying and know everything that is in it. J’Adore Bio ensures to stock smaller companies as Agnieszka is able to get to know the owners and know the backstory to the products and the brand.

If there is a reader who is eager to try out your products but doesn’t know where to start, what product do you recommend as a good place to start?

“This is a very difficult question to be honest with you because everyone is different with different skin types and sensitivities. A product that is universal and works with almost everyone is the Apricot Antioxidant Cream. This product works on all skin types, especially combination and mature skin. It is incredibly moisturising and smells beautiful without being too overpowering.”

To personalise products for her customers, Agnieszka encourages you to contact her through Facebook or Instagram and send a picture of your skin concern and she is happy to give you product recommendations. Despite not being dermatologists, J’Adore Bio know skincare and know about all about the products they stock, along with having confidence that the products will work. This is a fantastic thing to be able to do with a brand as it is forming a link between you and them, that is something that you wouldn’t be able to get from larger brands.

Now, I know this may be a challenge but can you pick your favourite product? And why do you love it?

“Again, that is pretty tough to just choose just one but if I had to I would say the Refreshing Cucumber Face Mask. The cucumbers are cultivated from a certified organic farm in France where they also freshly pick the pumpkins for the Pumpkin Face Mask. The pumpkin mask is a firm favourite amongst my customers. The masks come packaged in a wooden container and the mask in stored in a glass container. The packaging is maintained super eco-friendly and that is great to see.”

What do you do at J’Adore Bio do to cut down on waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle? Would you mind sharing some of them?

“We are always on the lookout for natural brands, especially when we are travelling. Larger companies or companies whose products evidently involve a lot of plastic are out of the question for us. What we have noticed is that brands are starting to adapt and make small changes to use recyclable plastics or removing plastic as a whole. Niche, artisanal family brands are typically more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. If products are zero waste then we will obviously state that in the product info for you to see!

When it comes to boxing up our packages, everything is either recyclable or biodegradable. The box is recycled paper along with the papers inside. The products are packaged in biodegradable corn fillers – these can be ran under the tap and they completely break down” (I can confirm that they actually do, that was the first thing I did when I opened my box!)

What are your hopes for J’Adore Bio in the future?

“For the moment we are looking towards setting up a pop up store in Luxembourg, this will give everyone a chance to come along and try out the products in person and see what is on offer. Our long term goal for J’Adore Bio is to have a physical store in Luxembourg.”

Rest assured that when CSL know more about the pop up shop we will be sure to let you all know – keep an eye on our social medias to be first in the know!

Lastly, what do you think makes J’Adore Bio so special?

“I think the way that we select brands is really something special and the relationship that I am fortunate to have with them. All the products that I receive for possible online sale are all tested by me before they make it to the site. If there are products that I don’t like then it simply won’t be put on sale. Another thing that I think is really special is the relationship I have with my customers. It is a very special one and one that only works because of the size the brand. I never want to lose that. Sometimes I have even received recommendations from my customers on companies that they love and think are special which they think would be a good fit on J’Adore Bio.”

Jadore BioCSL’s Top Product Picks:

Hannah: “Kozmetics Citrus Uplifting & Moisturising Body Mist” 

This is a beautiful product. This oil is lightweight but incredibly hydrating plus it isn’t greasy which is great. I like to use this right when I get out of the shower when my skin is damp, its lightweight feeling makes it great for everyday use. The citrus scent is beautifully subtle, this oil also comes in Rose & Geranium.

Meredith: Shimmering Body Oil’ 

So this stuff looks like something Cleopatra’s assistant would massage all over her body. I’m talking thick, liquid honey – like gooey, yet gorgeous gold. While I might not be one of the most famous women of all times, nor have any staff to rub me down, I sure don’t mind something that feels like an ancient beauty ritual that moisturises without disgusting parabens or things that are going to potentially cause cancer. I started looking at ingredients in my current lotions, something told me that ‘phthalates’’ is not my friend. I looked it u and it is a chemical that is used in shampoo and lotions AS WELL AS vinyl flooring and adhesives. Um..I will pass considering that 60% of what we put on our body, our skin absorbs.

Same goes for the Apricot Antioxidant Cream, hell this stuff is good. I don’t even know if it goes on the face or the body but I use it on both because it is light and the smell is unbelievable. If I could I would eat this stuff. The smell is intoxicating and I can’t stop feeling my hands and rubbing my cheeks. I think my body loves the toxin free lifestyle and I love the smell so it’s a win/win.

Amanda: ‘Naked Lip Balm’

FINALLY a lip balm to cure my ever-dry lips. Every year as the cold weather hits I go on a mission to find the balm that will save my super sensitive lips. I’ve tried every brand under the sun but have never been 100% happy until now. Skin & Tonic’s Naked lip balm contains only 3 (organic)) ingredients and keeps my lips moist for hours. The ultimate test: it even held up a few weeks ago during my trip to the artic circle.

If you are eager to go green with your beauty routine then I would highly suggest checking out J’Adore Bio. If you want more information, head over to our directory to find out more information on them and head over to their website to see the selection of natural products they carry. Lastly, I want to say a massive thank you to J’Adore Bio & Agnieszka for sitting down with us!

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