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Gracie’s Guide to Metz (on a Budget)

by Gracie Limauro

Sometimes we forget that the best places are hidden right under our nose. Metz, France (only a 45 minute train from Lux!) was a weekend out of an award-winning indie film. We saw multiple people strolling around the beautiful city carrying baguettes sticking out of tote bags … need I say more? From contemporary art museums to flea markets to people-watching in cute cafes, my inexpensive trip to Metz was a weekend that I will look back fondly on. Keep reading to learn the Metz must-dos!

Travel Tips:

I bought a train ticket from Lux –> Metz for €15 round trip! A quick 45 minutes later and BAM! you’re there. There really is no reason for you not to visit, if not for a full weekend then at least for a day trip. Me and my friend went from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon and it was the perfect amount of time.

Activity Tips:

Go to the museum of modern and contemporary art Centre Pompidou Metz. It’s free for students and an amazing way to spend an hour or two. Most exhibits are interactive and mobile — it creates a lively and stimulating atmosphere for people of all ages. Right next door is a huge shopping center called Muse if you’re up for some shopping after the exploration of art.

Next up is the Porte des Allemands (aka Germans’ Gate). It is a stunning 13th century medieval bridge and castle. We were surprised to be able to walk right up to the top for free and read more about its interesting history. The views of the stunning autumn landscape were a bonus! Also a great spot for photos.

The best way to see Metz is by foot! Take time to do a little walking tour of this historically beautiful city. My perfect itinerary is to first stroll along the river promenade until you see the gorgeous Temple Neuf (the one that seems to be on its own little island). Cross the bridge and explore Temple Neuf’s grounds, then keep walking towards the Temple of Garnison and admire its beauty before circling back to the Metz Cathedral. Pop into the ornate interior of the cathedral then take a quick stop for coffee and a croissant. You’ve deserved it! If you’re near the Metz Cathedral on a Saturday, there is an adorable flea market that sells everything you could ever dream of. Finish by strolling through the cute shops that line the streets and snag cute gifts for yourself or loved ones. As you can see by the photos, you never know what gems you’ll find on the streets of France.

The beautiful Temple Neuf.
This cute orange tree matched the orange building!
All the doors in Metz are such fun, bright colors.

Food Tips:

I only have one food tip because we came back to this place for basically every meal. LOL. Listen very carefully, this cafe is perhaps my new favorite spot on planet earth. It is called Fox Coffee Shop Metz. This place was recommended to us and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT. The presentation of each menu item was spectacular. Little details and accents of the interior design and seating arrangements upgraded this place from a normal coffee shop to a place where you can (we did!) people-watch for hours. We sat in seats that faced the cafe so we had better access to people-watching and the woodland, vintage aesthetic. Listening to the beautiful French language while sipping warm ginger tea + snacking on a freshly baked baguette = a European fantasy fulfilled. Plus the workers were lovely. My sandwich & coffee were ~€9 and my ginger tea was ~€3. Please go to this place!

Book your ticket to Metz today. The historical beauty and contemporary touches make this city a French dreamland. Most of the activities mentioned in this article are FREE! Now you have to go. Follow @city_savvy_lux to learn more about my how to travel Europe on a budget.


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Virginia Miles 31st October 2020 - 2:16 pm

Well done Gracie, all you do is most interesting. The food looked delicious. You look great. Can’t wait to see you in Hilton Head soon. 💕Grandma


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