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Halloween Makeup Looks

by Hannah Charlton
Last Minute Halloween Looks

Halloween is almost here! If you’re planning to go out, but are a bit lost for your Halloween costume then look no further. These looks are quick & easy, require no more than five products and are simple yet incredibly effective.


Heavily contouring the cheekbones, jawline and forehead adds structure and creates the sallow & gaunt effect that we are after for this vampire look. For the eyes, wash a light brown shadow over the lid and through the crease – this will help to blend out the darker colours that we will be using. Next, use a cranberry shade and blend it through the crease. This colour will give a bruised effect to the eyes. Once that is blended out, use a black kohl eyeliner and roughly apply it to the eyelid. With a clean brush, blend the eyeliner out. It doesn’t need to be seamless, it just needs to be distributed across the lid to be a base for the black eyeshadow. Apply the black shadow & blend it out – repeat these steps until it becomes dark and smokey. In case you lost some of the red through applying the black shadow, go back and re apply it into the crease. Apply the kohl eyeliner in the inner rim of your eye and on your lower lash line. Use the light brown to start to blend the eyeliner. Next, go in with the cranberry shade and run that along the lower lash line. Don’t be afraid to smoke this colour a little further down as this will intensify the eye look. Once that is applied and your eyes look fantastically smokey, curl your lashes and throw on a few coats of mascara. For the lips, line them and apply a deep red lip colour. For Halloween I would personally opt for a liquid lipstick as it will last through the night. To top the look off, use the red and grey eyeshadows around your mouth & lips, this creates depth and shadow.


This is a great look to do if you have come home from work and need to quickly throw a Halloween look together. To start this look you want to keep your makeup on from the day, and draw two triangles above your eyebrows. To do this, take a black liquid liner and at the base of your eyebrow draw a line – roughly one or two cm, this is the base of your triangle. Draw two lines upwards from this base to make the triangle shape, the tip of the triangle should stop three or four cm from the hairline. Fill these triangles in with the liquid liner. To finish it off, leave a tiny gap between the tip of the triangle and draw a small dot. You now want to replicate this, with two triangles starting at the lower lash line. The shape of the triangles should be roughly the same size as the ones on your forehead, this creates an even look. Starting from the lower lash line, draw the two lines from this base downwards to create the triangle shape. Once again, fill these in with liquid liner and top them off with a dot on each just above them.

You now want to create the creepy clown smile. To make this an easy process, start with lined lips. Then draw two small lines that turn upwards from the corner of each side of your lips to make the smile shape. With the same lip liner, connect these lines to your natural lip line. Once the full lip has been created, fill it in with a red lipstick. Again, I would recommend a liquid lipstick to keep you looking creepy all night.

If you want to add a touch of glam to this look, use some false eyelash glue to add gems to the small dots and even around your mouth. (Don’t stick directly onto your lips, not only is this unpractical but you also don’t want to ingest false eyelash glue)


A zombie is one of the easiest Halloween looks you can do. To begin, heavily contour your face to over exaggerated the facial bone structure. The places to contour: cheekbones, jaw line, the neck, around the mouth, forehead, hairline, under eyes and the eye sockets. To do this, use a cool toned brown or even a grey eyeshadow. Contouring is a technique that is designed to create shadow and give a sculpted look, for zombie makeup we want to take it to the extreme. Once contoured, use a deep purple shadow to create bruising and red eyeshadow to make it appear bloody. Add the purples & reds under the eyes to emphasise those features, keep in mind that there is no specific way to do a zombie look so do what you feel is right. Something that I love to do is add a red lipstick and roughly blend it out to add a deep, bloody mouth. If you are going casual but still want to look effective this Halloween then this is definitely the look to try.


What kind of Halloween article would this be if I didn’t mention the iconic costume – a cat. As easy as it is to buy some cat ears and throw on a little black dress, I want to show you how you can add a little substance to it. To start, as with the clown, keep your makeup on from the day. To give it the cat look, add winged eyeliner to your upper lash line, make sure to keep inner corner liner as thin as possible. Then extend the liner past you inner corner and down to a fine point. With a black kohl eyeliner, apply it to the middle of your lower lash line. Then using the liquid liner, trace under the kohl eyeliner and extend it towards the inner corner of your eye. Just before you reach the tear duct, bring the eyeliner down to create a small downturned flick – this creates the cat eye effect. Use a matte black eyeshadow & slightly smudge out the kohl eyeliner. Apply some liquid glitter to the inner corner of your eye to add brightness and sparkle. Add the final touches – cat nose, whiskers and black lipstick.

You’re all set for a purrfect night…I had to didn’t I? Happy Halloween!

What are you up this Halloween?! Meeting friends and promise to get into character? Let us know!

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