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One Day, One Girl, One Look…. Habiba

by Florence Berthalon

Another week, another inspiring woman. Today, I would like to introduce you to the beautiful Habiba. I couldn’t miss the looks of this stunning woman on her on Instagram and her blog.  Habiba works as a freelance stylist and fashion model so we can easily say she is truly a fashionista! ☺

What are your inspirations? 

I get my inspiration mainly from magazines, pinterest and Instagram. I also have my favorite bloggers whom I follow on a daily basis, some of my favorites being tamumcpherson from alltheprettybirds.com and Freddie Harrel.

What are your favorite brands?

I am definitively a Zara addict: you get all the trendy pieces for good price/quality in my humble opinion. In terms of style, I love Balenciaga for their oversize looks and Zimmermann, the Australian brand, for their floating, flowery bohemian dresses. They have my dream wardrobe.

Tell us about your look?

I am wearing my favorite red boots at the moment from Zara that I chose to pair with mid-size skirt and a flashy jumper. I love the pop of colors!

What do you think are the main trends of the season?

I believe statement boots are a must, especially a pair of red boots. Red boots are really my go-to when I want to upgrade my outfit. They work with everything from a floral dress to a more casual outfit with a pair of jeans, white tee-shirt and a blazer.

What is THE item you’re crushing on right now?

Everything Zimmermann! ☺

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Kim Stromer 9th January 2018 - 9:04 pm

Where are the pics?! I only see a whit page….

Amanda Roberts 10th January 2018 - 5:08 pm

Hi, we are moving to a new website and are having a few small issues. They will be back soon. Apologies and thanks for letting us know!!


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