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Only 3 more days until public transportation is free for all!

by Lucy Greaney

The day has nearly arrived for public transportation all throughout Luxembourg to be completely free of charge. We’re here to lay out the day of celebratory festivities as well as some must-have details before you hop on that train or bus for FREE!

After breaking the news back in January 2019, the Grand Duchy is finally making history in making Luxembourg the first country to implement free transportation for all. Mobiliteitszentral has planned an entire day of celebration filled with concerts, food trucks, bars and sustainability!

#Freemobility Concert

What better way to celebrate free transportation than with a FREE concert? The night will commence at 6pm with DJ Dee, then the lineup will continue through 1am including: Michel Reis feat. Studkitzky, EDSUN, Serge Tonnar, Tuys, Nicool, Stayfou and Flex Diamond.


All of this will happen at Neien Tramsschapp in Kirchberg, a location that has never been open to the public. The venue cannot be accessed by car, therefore you are encouraged to take a form of public transportation in order to attend. Possible options include: the tram, the bus with a tram connection, the train with a tram connection, cycling (bike racks will be provided at the event) or walking! Click here for venue information.

Can’t make it to the concert?
The artists will be performing all day beginning at noon at the following locations: Belval-Université, Gare centrale, Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg and Ettelbruck… all before making their way to “Neien Tramsschapp” on public transport with you!

Keeping it sustainable

The #freemobility concert has been planned out to have the least environmental impact as possible. Mobiliteitszentral has done this by:

  • Promoting public transportation to attendees
  • Working with local suppliers and producers
  • Providing free drinking fountain at the event
  • Providing vegetarian, vegan and local food at the event
  • Limiting use of single-use packaging
  • Sorting waste
  • Avoiding paper tickets or wristbands for entry
  • Using digital marketing to promote the event

Do you commute from a bordering country?

No need to fear, we have all of the information you need for your daily commute into Luxembourg after March 1st.

Because free transportation will only be active inside the country, cross-border tickets must be purchased. The CTL has come up with a set of reduced prices for international commuters and they are outlined here. Some of the prices will be reduced by more than 50%. 

First class tickets for all public transportation will remain unchanged. They will remain the same price, and same level of comfort for users.

Luxembourg will be making history on March 1st. Come be a part of the celebration!  #ItsABigDay

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