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Opportunity Alert: Pitchcraft for Entrepreneurs Launches Virtual Pitching Marathon

by City Savvy Luxembourg
Calling all entrepreneurs! Always wanted to go on Shark Tank but never had the opportunity? This Tuesday, November 17th at 6:30 PM Pitchcraft for Entrepreneurs (PC4E) will be hosting their first Pitchathon, where ten aspiring or actual entrepreneurs will be given the possibility to give a 2-3 minute pitch of their business. The best part: their pitch will be verbally evaluated by a panel of presentation and entrepreneurial experts. Think of Shark Tank but without the aggression or intense pressure. There will be no investors present, so no stress on the entrepreneurs apart from doing themselves and their ideas justice.

When: November 17th at 6:30 PM
Where: online through zoom
Cost: 20 euro deposit that you will get back (so FREE!)

The pitches will be given and evaluated in English by these entrepreneurial experts:

  • Guy Benzeno
  • Danielle Diamond
  • Diane Ries

The feedback will be focused, positive and immediate, with the aim of helping the participants to polish
their pitches so that when they get in front of the bank, the angel investor, or a potential business partner, their presentations will have the necessary impact to make the impression that they deserve. Each participant will receive a video of their pitch and the feedback that they receive.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions the Pitchathon will take place on Zoom, which gives our pitchers an
opportunity to hone their online presentation skills. This is a skill which until now has only been possessed by a very small number of individuals, but which many more of us are now having to learn fast. This remote pitching session can can only be an asset in the “new normal” business world which COVID-19 has helped define!

Although like all Toastmasters clubs PC4E is a members’ organization, it is important to note that this is
an open event where all people who are interested can apply for one of the speaking slots. You are not
obliged to be or to become a member of the club in order to take part. On that note, register as a speaker here.

Take advantage of this special opportunity and act on your entrepreneurial dreams today!

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